Wednesday 31 January 2018

Collectie Arnhem 2018

Have you ever wondered what the backside of the moon looks like? Or which constellations the birthmarks are forming on your back? How we see the fun fair when the lights are off? Are you aware of what’s hiding behind your mask? Are you emerging from behind your façade?

Without a back side, there’s no front side. There’s beauty in excess, but there’s also beauty in the honesty behind all the glitter. As fashion designers, we welcome the charm of the façade. At the same time, we strive to let go and show what’s been generally hidden from us. This duality forms the core of the collection.

“Blaze with your front, command with your true side: your backside.”

We are 8102 MEHNRA EITCELLOC, a cult committed to reveal the truth: the backside. We have a shared fascination for all that’s occurring behind the façade. We fold the laundry inside out, play with crayons and collect everything that catches our eye.

8102 MEHNRA EITCELLOC visualizes a collective, a micro society which is built on creativity, love and protection. The collection is based on archetypes; figures that play an essential role within the 8102 MEHNRA EITCELLOC cult. The variety of these contemporary archetypes led to an exciting mix of various design techniques, these are subsequently applied to a uniform which strengthens the group dynamic. Think of a grandpa: an old man who rules the world and charms from his lazy chair in a pampering boilersuit. The innocent child, who is not aware of rules and can’t take his uniform seriously. Or the materialist, who is unable to see the difference between his shopping bags and clothes because of his greediness. Each archetype reveals itself within its uniform. The collection forms a fragmentary, new world and shows the power of diversity within a group.

The colours white and cream dominate the overall collection image; we find the first impression open and undefiled. White is all colours of light combined and represents a true reflection of shadow and light; everything that is designed is shown. As a counterbalance, there’s an oversaturation in the use of colour; these looks contrast starkly with the white colour palette. This exuberance is derived from the hysteria of daily façades. The use of fabric and its assimilation had everything to do with the uniform and duality between the front- and backside. The collection mainly consists of solid workman fabrics with specially developed woven jacquards as a contrast and our own watermark as highlight.

“Let go and unveil your true side.”
campaign photo by Lonneke van der Palen

Collectie Arnhem
19 third year fashion students from ArtEZ University of the Arts present the twentieth year of ‘Collectie Arnhem’. Next to designing and presenting the collection, they gain experience within all facets of the fashion industry. Collectie Arnhem 2018 will be shown on 30 January in the Art Chapel in Amsterdam.

Birgit Steinbusch | Britt Liberg | Christa Kronenburg | Django Tetteroo | Dylan Westerweel | Inez de Jong | Joline Kwakkenbos | Jule Voelklein | Kevin Pleiter | Lisa Bisschop | Liu Hong Quan | Luka Mooibroek | Manon Romeijn | Michelle Vossen | Myra van Vlimmeren | Nadine Mol | Nina Liburd | Renée Kraaijvanger | Sanne van Vloten

show photography: Jan Willem Kaldenbach

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