Sunday 18 March 2018

Dino Alves - ModaLisboa N.50

THE OTHER TRUTH - FW 2018/19 Collection

Dino Alves had the honor to close the 50th edition of ModaLisboa. The conceptual designer likes to play with the codes of the runway presentation and strives to tell a story with his collections. This time the actuall end of the schedule started literally with dismantling during Dino Alves show, aiming to show the beauty in imprefection. Before the models came out, the cleaning team appeared on the catwalk with machines and garbage cans, the floor got ripped, the pipe and drape went down and the backdrop was beinng taken off. The clothes that where presented, where far from unperfect, in fact Dino proposed a very playful and fresh collection.

'One of the main goals of the human being today is to be observed at every moment and to be seen as a perfect being, beautifil, successful, with a dream life and almost always sexy. 

Since imprefection is a form of freedom, why would the individual just want to be perfect, submitting himself to a kind of dictatorship of perfection, thus influencing others so many times through their authenticity, individuality and beauty. Have they lost themselves too?!
The world has changed, we all know. However, there is one question that we should preserve and maintain: the truth, which at this time seems to be just one other. The other truth!'

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