Saturday 2 June 2018

Encounter with Rita Sá

Meet, Rita Sá, young Portuguese designer, who has won participation at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018 at the previous edition of Sangue Novo at ModaLisboa - Lisboa Fashion Week.

She will present her collection “Glass of Ceiling” in Maastricht on Saturday June 16.
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interview by Liliana Pedro

What’s fashion for you?
It’s the perfect tool to transmit emotions, thoughts and feelings. With no shadow of a doubt, that fashion was the best way that I found to show what I think and what I feel. Since the very beginning of the creative process till the last touch before the models walk down the runway, I put myself in everything that I do. Each process phase turns into a discover very personal.

What made you fell in love with fashion at the first place?
It was always fashion. I can’t remember of anything else. My family has a great skills for arts and it was always influenced my interests. With time, the ideas will mature and we will be more sure of what moves us.

Fashion is growing up a lot and it’s becoming more global. In your opinion, which challenges faces a fashion designer nowadays? In what concerns to the difficulties that a young designer finds nowadays, most of them don’t depend on our work, but on external factors. In my opinion, the industry still doesn’t look to the young designers as professionals. From my experience, when I have to develop a collection I don’t aim to develop serial pieces and that's what the industry is worried about, to reaching the numbers. I see the industry still very inflexible to work with designers in their very careers.

Imagine that you had to spend a day with a fashion designer. Which one you would rather spend some quality time? Simon Jacquemus.

Do you prefer the 80’s or the 90’s? 90’s.

What’s the best and the worst fashion trend ever? I think all trends one day become "the worst trends"! Because that's what they are after all: trends !! You may like it for a season, but 4 seasons later you look back and think “hmmmm".

Are you a stiletto girl or a sneaker girl? Sneaker girl.

Name an artist/band you never get tired of listening to. Alt J.

What’s your favorite tv show? I don’t watch tv!

Your latest collection has the name “Glass of Ceiling”. Where this idea came from?
“If you have a glass ceiling, don´t throw rocks in the air” is definitely the motto for the collection “Telhados de Vidro” which describes the game played by those who desperately try to be something they are not; masked hypocrites who feel the need of ostentation in a “make-believe” world. Attacking others for problems that they themselves have, each individual from the collection choose to believe that it is preferable to be a false somebody than a true nobody. Forming a gradational process from the first to the last look, the collection presents its first individual who seems to be impervious to anything surrounding him and not afraid of showing his vulnerabilities or weaknesses. The second individual is clearly uncomfortable with this idea and tries his best to show his superiority, even at the cost of being someone he’s not. From here on, every individual tries to impose his superiority upon his predecessor, trying hard to hide all their weaknesses in an illusion game where nothing is what it seems, manipulating the truth and revealing only what is pleasant to the eye. However, what is shown has no real utility and therefor is essentially futile. As we continue, there seems to be a lot of difficulty in controlling the flamboyance created within these individuals and as a result, instead of seeing the silhouettes growing, giving the individual height, they seem to have dropped suddenly. New volumes are now secured by little details which still prevail and the vulnerabilities which were hidden until now are completely exposed. The blue color used reminds us of plastic bags, creating the idea of something that is expendable.

How much time did you spend in putting this collection alive?
From the search for the concept until the creative development was completed I took about three months, and for the preparation about 2 months.

How did you feel when you knew that you will be attending at FASHIONCLASH Festival?
I confess that after so many months of work and a day as fast as that, it is difficult to have a notion of what is happening when we are given a prize like FASHIONCLASH. It is only in the "aftermath" of the parade that we are becoming aware of the importance of what has happened to us. But it is undoubtedly very gratifying and I think the biggest victory is, without a doubt, a few days after the parade we calmly take a look at our work and feel proud of what we have done.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now on? I hope that I can achieve all of my goals and still be lucky to continue in the place where I’m happy, close to the ones that make me happy.  

Instagram: @ritasa.brand

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