Monday 3 December 2018

Unrobe - Heroes of Waste

Sustainable clothing brand brings ode to Amsterdam garbage collector with a 'Zero waste' collection. The 'Heroes of Waste' capsule collection is only available via pre-order to prevent overproduction and draw attention to the growing waste mountain in the fashion industry.
Recently Unrobe won the Vedis Innovative New Retail Award 2018.

Mass production in the fashion industry is a major problem for Daan Ubachs and Koen Warmerdam, the founders of the Unrobe.
"With this collection we want to draw attention to this global problem", says Daan Ubachs, That is why Unrobe introduces the capsule collection 'Heroes of Waste', inspired by the Amsterdam garbage collectors and exclusively available as a pre-order for 30 days. For example, the brand produces exactly what has been sold, no waste and they pay attention to the problem.

The capsule collection can now be ordered online at and the pre-sale closes on 30 December. Production will be delivered at home in early February 2019.

It is a hot topic in the fashion industry - pollution, exploitation and growing waste mountain. Unrobe's mission is to undress the fashion industry from its bad habits. One of those bad habits is overproduction that results in a growing waste mountain. There is only mass production and there is a disposable society. That is why Daan Ubachs and Koen Warmerdam go for a completely innovative model: selling collections on a pre-order basis. "By making made-to-order, we actually do something about the waste problem", says Koen Warmerdam.

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