Thursday 14 March 2019

Cracow Fashion Week 2019

Cracow Fashion Week 2019

The Cracow Fashion Awards Gala marked the start of the 10th edition of Cracow Fashion Week (March 9-17), organized by the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design in partnership with the City of Krakow and thanks to support of the partners AliExpress, Galeria Kazimierz and ICE Kraków.

Cracow Fashion Awards is a platform for fashion graduates of School of Art Design of SAPU. Out of more than 30 graduates, 14th where shortlisted to compete for the prizes.
On behalf of FASHIONCLASH, Nawie Kuiper and Branko Popovic participated in judging.

Anna Nowak-Curyło was named winner of the main prize. With her menswear collection "Identity" she was the deserved winner of the gala.

"The collection was created from the fascination of man and the mutual dependence of individuals. I wanted to show that we can not function one without the other, successes are achieved through the help of others. My collection would not happen without people who supported me and cooperated with me. I tried to pay special attention to details and the use of new technologies, I designed backpack with a moving hologram" - says Anna Nowak-Curyło.

 Another designer that delivered a consistent collection was Monika Cieślik, who drew inspiration from make workwear. Other designers worth mentioning are Tamara Avdieieva, Oliwia Jankowska, Kordian Mędrala and Nina Sakowska.
In an evening with a varying level, men's clothing outfits stood out. Nice outfits appeared here and there, but not everyone managed to implement the core of their idea into a complete story. Sometimes, the proposals were dated. Having said this, Poland is always a good reason to visit. For years, Poland has been a country to be aware of when it comes to acquiring new talent. Not to forget to mention to encounter the beautiful city of Krakow.
FASHIONCLASH has already presented a number of talented Polish designers such as Katarzyna Dworecka (Mindless) and Sandra Stachura who are alumni from Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design.

In addition, several guest designers where invited to show their work. Among them was Piotr Popiołek, a laureate of the Cracow Fashion Awards in 2017, presented a new collection inspired by the AliExpress portal, showing the symbiosis of his own fashion and global shopping brand. Thanks to SAPU’s cooperation with Donghua University from Shanghai (China), three Chinese designers, Huaiqun Sun, Mentong Yang and Quingyao Meng, presented their collections.

The international jury panel was composed of, among others, Katarzyna Sokołowska, Ilona Majer (MMC Studio), Jerzy Antkowiak, Landiana Yolo (influencer, deputy director of the Feeric Fashion Week), Nawie Kuiper and Branko Popović (FASHIONCLASH directors), Maria Cristina Rigano (Alta Roma, Monte Carlo Fashion Week), Bin Chen (Professor Donghua University, China), Natasha Pavluchenko, Anna Wasińska-Golonka (member of the board of OTCF, owner of the 4F brand), Anna Jatczak and Anna Puślecka.

Photographty: Artur Kostkowski
More information:

 Anna Nowak-Curyło

Monika Cieślik

 Kordian Mędrala

 Nina Sakowska

 Oliwia Jankowska

 Tamara Avdieieva

Piotr Popiołek x Ali Express

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