Monday, 25 March 2019


GAMUT is driven by six fashion designers and a visual director. Based in Paris, GAMUT purposely nurtures its links with other disciplines : designed like a laboratory, it functions without a leader and takes form through a contributory, open and collective exploration. GAMUT sprang from the desire to establish a horizontal model. Creation takes place with a completely collective and egalitarian approach, in a positive and respectful manner.

GAMUT’s aesthetics of collage is transposed through digital editing into the SS19 campaign. The models are installed in an imaginary reconstituted frame, a wobbly mixture of the workspaces of the GAMUT collective and familiar places of its members. At a time when one exists primarily on the Internet, when success is measured by the strength of algorithms and when David can finally compete against Goliath, GAMUT claims its right to be liar.

The campaign begins a reflection on duplicity, further developed in a fashion film project that will be presented at the same time as the next GAMUT collection, on June 22, 2019.

Photography - Julia Andréone and Ghazaal Vojdani
Styling - Samuel Bardaji
Beauty - Sumiyo Kyoshima and Miki Matsunaga
Models - Dustin Muchuvitz and Chris Massala

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