Tuesday 12 March 2019

MAISON the FAUX presents "MAISON pour MAISON"

On the 8th of March MAISON the FAUX(a creative studio posing as a grand couture fashion house)presented “MAISON pour MAISON" at Amsterdam Fashion Week Studio.

After multiple LAFW and NYFW presentations MAISON the FAUX has set up their temporarily home at AFW. MAISON the FAUX has come home to explore the true meaning, both literally and figuratively of the HOUSE... and hereby presents “MAISON pour MAISON”.

During the multidisciplinary presentation MAISON the FAUX presented a series of vignettes that explored all facets of a home. Scenes depicting bedroom behavior at it's most extreme. Settings that reflect the chaos of rehousing. Performers and movers swanned around, maneuvering through the sets and feeling at home within the constructed framework. MAISON the FAUX had their performers breaking free from borders and walls, transitioning from lonesome and confined sensibilities towards a feeling of togetherness.

The company of MAISON the FAUX is also subject to renovation: MAISON the FAUX is expanding their multidisciplinary ways. The creative studio is no longer accepting whole sale orders and is increasingly focusing on their work as a creative design studio (art-direction, spatial design, costume design etc.) and e-commerce. MAISON the FAUX will present "MAISON pour MAISON" during Tokyo Fashion Week, introducing various home products as an addition to the "MAISON pour MAISON" presentation at Amsterdam Fashion Week.

photography: Team Peter Stigter


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