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JOIN Collective Clothes

JOIN Collective Clothes 
A project by Anouk Beckers i.c.w. Beau Bertens

JOIN Collective Clothes is a design and research project which explores fashion as a collective practice, focusing on making and wearing clothes together. Everyone is invited to design and make a part of a garment – for example a sleeve - which together can be connected into full outfits. The pieces made by various makers form an ever-growing collection, questioning constructed values created by the (fast) fashion industry. The launch of an open-source manual marks the start of the project, and is followed by a series of workshops and designer commissions. All results will be exhibited at the end of 2019.
JOIN Collective Clothes is an initiative by fashion designer Anouk Beckers and graphic designer Beau Bertens.

JOIN Collective Clothes – a modular system The base of JOIN Collective Clothes is a modular clothing system that consists of four different shapes which can be combined into a full outfit (a sleeve, a top, a trouser leg and a part of a skirt). An easy-to-use open source manual invites people to get started in designing and making the pieces themselves. This manual is available at San Serriffe for €10,- or can be downloaded for free at On this website, all the results are collected to create an ever-growing collection of garment-pieces, designed by people all over the world.

“What if we open up the fashion system and explore it as a non-fixed entity, a system where people can playfully join in, where everyone is invited to create fashion together?” Initiator Anouk Beckers on JOIN Collective Clothes:

Workshops - JOIN the collective Fashion is a collective practice, although it is often perceived as something that is not for everyone. To grant everyone access, JOIN Collective Clothes will set up a workshop tour. Everyone is invited to join one of the 4-hour workshops to design and make a garment-piece. At the end of the workshop, the results from the participants are joined into one full outfit. The process is playful, but at the same time critically questions the characteristics of the fashion system. Subjects such as ownership, identity, (intellectual) property, production methods, alienation, mystification and value creation are discussed through this project.

JOIN Collective Clothes 2019 Tour
1 June 2019: De Appel Amsterdam
8 & 29 June 2019: De Kerk by Museum Arnhem
7 July 2019: Capsicum Amsterdam
13 July 2019: De Kerk by Museum Arnhem
September 2019: Casco Art Institute Utrecht
October 2019: Dutch Design Week Eindhoven
1-3 November 2019: FASHIONCLASH Festival Maastricht

Check for details and how to apply

Commissions – JOIN different visions
The fashion industry focuses mostly on designer status, brand identity, commodities as magical results of invisible processes and an adoration of values such as originality and ‘the new’. JOIN Collective Clothes critically challenges this system by inviting design professionals to contribute parts of garments to the collective collection.
Designers and artists that are participating: Schueller de Waal, Elisa van Joolen, Lisa Konno, Das Leben am Haverkamp, Eduardo Leon (avoidstreet), Iris de Leeuw, Camiel Fortgens & Tanja Bindels. They will work on their contributions the coming months. The collective collection is a result of the designer contributions and workshop results. This collection will be presented at the end of 2019.

Anouk Beckers (Amsterdam, 1990) graduated at the TxT (textile) and Fashion Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. In her research-based work, the construction of the garment is used as a way to question the construct of the fashion system. Her work strives to offer new perspectives on the way we dress and how we relate to the fashion system. Through deconstruction, assemblage and reconstruction of clothes she uses the garment as a tool to explore our fashion values and habits. This project is kindly supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industry, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Warehouse Amsterdam.

Beau Bertens (Tilburg, 1990) is a graphic designer and art director operating within the field of commerce and culture. After working for several design bureaus she set up her own practice in 2016, focusing on projects with multiple media purposes. Her work ranges from graphic identities, books and magazines to websites and visual concepts. For this collaboration Beau constructed a visual language based on JOIN’s core values which resulted in an identity, website and manual.

Warehouse | A place for clothes in context
The JOIN Collective Clothes workshops are Warehouse productions. Warehouse is an Amsterdam-based fashion platform that aims to create an open, engaging and inclusive environment that facilitates critical dialogue and the creation of a discourse that goes beyond treating fashion as a commodity.

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