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New Fashion Narratives

New Fashion Narratives: A collaboration between FASHIONCLASH and Bureau Europa

On Thursday October 17, the exhibition New Fashion Narratives will officially be opened with the Fashion Talk: New Business Models. The speakers are fashion designers who know how to combine their artistic skills with entrepreneurship and thus introduce new sustainable business models for fashion.
Please note: the Fashion Talk will take place at Lumière Cinema (next to Bureau Europa). The opening of the exhibition will take place right after the Fashion Talk, at Bureau Europa (from 18.30 onwards) 

The designers that shape this exhibition see fashion as a mission. They belong to a generation of designers who explore the boundaries of their discipline and question the system and the fashion industry. With their works, they operate in the transdisciplinary domains of fashion, social design, visual arts and they always work with the final user/consumer. This way, they introduce contemporary themes such as inclusiveness, gender, consumption and thus new narratives for fashion.

Participating designers
As of Nū (Karmen Samson) | Das Leben am Haverkamp (Gino Anthonisse, Dewi Bekker, Christa van der Meer & Anouk van Klaveren) | Obroni Wa Wu - Dead White Man's Clothing (Linda Valkeman & Carmen Hogg) | NOIJ (Dafne en Nikki Noij) | Gabriel Fontana | Esra Coppur | JANNA WIERINGA | Lisa Konno | The Fabricant

Opening hours: Wednesday till Sunday - 12.00 - 17.00
Entrance: € 5,00 (students € 3,00), free admission with the Dutch National Museum card.
Free entrance during FASHIONCLASH Festival (1 - 3 November) and during the opening (Thursday October 17)

More information:

Fashion Talk: New Business Models, 17 October


Cédric Vanhoeck (Resortecs)

Cédric Vanhoeck is the founder of Resortecs, a company that helps fashion and textile companies with implementing circular economy. It does so by offering products and services that tackle both the economic as well as technical challenges encountered. For brands that advocate circular economy, Resortecs hot-fusing stitching threads make disassembly, repair and recycling of textile products a breeze. This technology has been awarded by the Global Change Award in 2018 – an innovation challenge initiated by the H&M foundation to accelerate the shift from a linear to circular fashion industry.

Flora Miranda
Flora Miranda’s mission is to challenge the obsolete notions of haute couture, and is exploring physical boundary experiences that take place in real and virtual spaces. She sees the body as pure information, a thought that makes it possible to send the body ‘like and e-mail’. Born in Salzburg/Austria, Flora spent her formative years growing up in the circle of a family of artists and musicians where she developed her skills as a painter. In 2014 Flora graduated with a master at the fashion academy in Antwerp and then started working as a freelancer for Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen. Since January 2018 Flora has the pleasure to present her collections seasonally during Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris.

Arí van Twillert
As a society we completely lost track of how much a piece of clothing is actually worth. Lidewij wants to create more value for every garment she creates by making it personal. She has developed algorithms to go from 3D scan to custom fit garment. She also redesigned the outdated, uncomfortable underwire and invented the Curvearis: custom fit breast support that follows the contours of the body precisely and is 3D printed for every customer individually. Her lingerie is made by hand in her atelier in Rotterdam. Arí van Twillert also offers 3D printed jewelry that matches the lingerie and still show something of what you wear underneath your clothes. All her products are made bespoke and/or on demand so she doesn’t have ‘dead stock’ and therefore significantly less waste.

Amber Jae Slooten (The Fabricant)
The Fabricant is a digital fashion house operating at the intersection of fashion and technology. The fashion future we imagine is collaborative, creative and co-operative. The digital-only fashion arena is a place of freedom, fantasy and self-expression. Everyone should have the opportunity to realize their digital identity, or identities, in a way that they choose, expressing who they are, wish to be perceived, or want to become. Your virtual self can be an extension of your actual physical self - or something completely different. It’s your choice. The boundaries of the physical fashion world do not apply, or any of its rules about how to behave as an industry. We’re at year zero on the digital-only fashion timeline. We have the opportunity to avoid the mistakes of the past and participate in a fashion future that’s creative and sustainable: expressing ourselves while wasting nothing but data, exploiting nothing but the power of our imagination. The Fabricant knows that what we do will only be one part of the story. It’s time to co-create the fashion world we’ve always dreamed of. Let’s take this first step together.

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