Sunday 20 October 2019

New Order of Fashion - The End is Near

Pauline de Blonay
New Order of Fashion:
The End is Near / Time for New Beginnings

Location: Warehouse of Innovation

New Order of Fashion  (previously Modebelofte) know how to excite with the latest fashion talents.
Each year the New Order of Fashion presents a selection of striking young fashion graduates who expressed the current state of mind in their fashion projects. Presented in a an overall scenography concept, the exhibition provides one of the highlights of displayed fashion design projects during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Although this years title The End is Near sounds apocalyptic, the proposals are rather optimistic visions for the future or activist reflections on our current times.

New Order of Fashion composed a strong selection with striking and imaginative graduation projects from various countries.
The topics addressed are climate change, social justice, cultural and gender diversity.

Featured designers are: Ahmed Serour, Andrew Davis, Benedetta Marcucci, Andrea Grossi, Brandon Wen, Esra Copur, Matthew Needham, Ka Yee Lee, Cecily Ophelia, Valentine Tinchant, Anna Sophie Goschin, Laura Krarup Frandsen, Pauline de Blonay, Bodil Ouedraogo, Julia Montin, Vincent Wong

"It is time for new beginnings. It is time to redesign everything from the bottom up so as to do right to the many wrongs; to the planet and all its life, to our fellow human beings, and ultimately, to ourselves."

In addition, projects by Sunbrella x Wendy Andreu, A Common Label (by Alicia Minnaard) and UNSEAM (by Karin Vlug and Bas Froon) are on show.
Andrea Grossi

Andrea Grossi

Brandon Wen

Ahmed Serour

Ahmed Serour

Cecily Ophelia
Andrew Davis
Anna Sophie Goschin
Esra Copur

Valentine Tinchant
Matthew Needham
Julia Montin

Bodil Ouedraogo


A Common Label

A Common Label

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