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Program for 11th FASHIONCLASH Festival

FASHIONCLASH presents the 11th edition of the international and interdisciplinary fashion festival in Maastricht.

During this three-day festival, more than 100 emerging designers and (performing) artists from around the world will have the opportunity to show their work to a diverse, international audience. The multidisciplinary program includes fashion shows and presentations, exhibitions, awards, fashion talks theater and dance performances and more.

For more information on the program, participants and tickets:

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019 is all about discovering, stimulating and shaping current developments in fashion and unlocking these developments to a wide audience. FCF functions on the one hand as a stage for designers and artists and on the other as a manifestation in which the role of fashion in the context of society is questioned and used to create dialogue. The festival is an eclectic fusion of disciplines such as (fashion) design, theatre, dance, film, visual arts and welcomes avant-garde new generation who dares to look beyond their discipline. The contextual link on which the content of the festival programme is based are the core artistic values of FASHIONCLASH: namely ‘Clash’, ‘Fashion Makes Sense’ and ‘Community’. FASHIONCLASH Festival stands for crossovers and interdisciplinary collaborations, for placing fashion in societal context and for engagement with a broad audience.
FASHIONCLASH Festival is an initiative by FASHIONCLASH Foundation from The Netherlands.


1 + 2 November, SAM-Decorfabriek

Fabio Bigondi, photo Niccolo Chimenti
On Friday, November 1st, the Festival will be officially opened with the Dress to Protest performance, followed by the start of the fashion show program. The show program consists of a five show blocks consisting of multiple designers: NextGen, Clash, NextLevel, BODY ALUMNI and Partner & Awards show.
The Fashion Show program is a great possibility to discover the latest fashion talent from around the world. This year, the festival once again offers a stage to fashion designers from around the world such as Bruna Ignatowska from Brazil, Carolina Raquel from Portugal, Fabio Bigondi from Italy, ANNJOY from Germany, Marie Lamberechts from Belgium and Annais Yurca Mancilla from Peru. Dutch design talent is also represented by, among others Chiron Floris, Carlijn Veurink, Berend Brus.

Furthermore, in the program is the Clash show block, that also contains the presentation of the CLASH Project that was specially initiated for the festival. For this project, a number of non-fashion designers have been asked to translate their vision of fashion into a fashion outfit. Participants include the designers Arvid & Marie, artist Bert Snaterse and conceptual designer Siba Sahabi. The Saturday’s show programme kicks off with the 2019 Body Alumni of MAFAD (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design).

The show programme will be concluded with the Partners & Awards show, where designers from the collaboration partners such as ModaLisboa and Czech Centre are shown. In this show there is a special performance where fashion and opera will clash and costumes from the Fantasio (Opera Zuid) are shown, accompanied by a live performance by the soprano Kristina Bitenc. Fantasio is a romantic comedy by Jacques Offenbach, the grandmaster of comic opera. Costumes for the fools were designed by fashion designers Ferry Schiffelers, Teun Seuren, Dusty Thomas and Maarten Van Mulken.
A number of talent awards will be presented before the Afterparty, including the FASHIONCLASH Festival Talent Award 2019 and the Fashion Makes Sense Award 2019.

For all information on The Shows: click here

Friday, 1 November until Sunday 3 November, various locations in Maastricht

A large part of the program of the FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019 takes place in the city center of Maastricht under the name The Route, with the Sphinxkwartier as the beating heart of it. The Route's program consists of exhibitions, performances, fashion talks and workshops. For example, fashion designers Ebby Port and Henkjenz will show their latest collections at The Student Hotel and you can participate in the JOIN Collective Clothes workshop by Anouk Beckers at De Brandweerkantine. The program is largely free and accessible to a wide audience.

Showpieces exhibition
Jo Cope - photo Nigel Essex


Showpieces Exhibition 
28 October until 3 November, De Bijenkorf Maastricht

Showpieces is a multidisciplinary exhibition of the most precious and / or outspoken pieces from the collection of the relevant designers who participate. You can discover the work of Haesung Bong, Melissa Valdes, Sophie Wantia, Bumagn and Jimmy Junichi Sugiura.

photo Lonneke van der Palen, artist Lisette Ros
Class of 2019 exhibition
1-2-3 November / Lumière Cinema

Class of 2019 is a project that is being developed specifically for the FASHIONCLASH Festival. With the help of the scouts Nina Willems, Marlou Breuls and SCHUELLER DE WAAL, a selection has been made of a number of works. These are presented in the form of an exhibition, not a "best of" but a translation of the spirit of the age of the 2019 generation. On Saturday 2 November, the Class of 2019 scouts are invited to talk to the public about their findings from the 2019 graduation projects.

The New Fashion Narratives 
17 October until 3 November, Bureau Europa

The fashion designers who are central to this exhibition take fashion as their mission. They belong to a generation of designers who explore the limits of their discipline and question the system and the fashion industry. With their works they move between the transdisciplinary domains of fashion, social design, visual arts and always work with the ultimate user/consumer. Participating designers include NOIJ, Esra Copur, Das Leben am Haverkamp, Linda Valkeman and The Fabricant.
More info: New Fashion Narratives

FASHIONCLASH is known for its crossovers with theater and dance. For this edition, there are, again, a number of performances to see.

Performance House
1-2-3 November, Marres, Huis voor de Hedendaagse Kunsten

During the festival, the entire Marres building will be transformed into a performance house for crossover performances by young theater makers such as Anthony van Gog and Wieke van Rosmalen and a number of students from the Maastricht Theater Academy.

Iris Otten
House of Confetti, Irene Heldens and Dario Tortorelli
Saturday, 2 November / 15:00h (+- 50 min.) / Kumulus

House of Confetti produces cultural and artistic stage productions that combine fashion with other art forms such as dance, music, poetry, photography and visual arts (performance art). In this production house, Irene Heldens will always act as the artistic driver and guarantee quality by choosing partners who can translate her artistic vision into a stage production.

Hendrik Kegels, photo Max Meyer
In A Galaxy Far Far Away, Hendrik Kegels
Saturday, 2 November / 21:30h / SAM-Decorfabriek

Hendrik Kegels bundled the text of all 269 songs from David Bowie and turned it into his own personal bible. He read them, analyzed them and mixed them together with musician Frederik de Clercq in a symphonic opera somewhere between spoken word and semi-anecdotal lyrics. In this dream-like transformation, Hendrik Kegels reveals the desire to cross our physical and mental boundaries. During the performance, the audience is taken on a nocturnal space trip. A journey full of planets and stars, shaped by a whirlwind of words, synths and beats. A Galaxy Far Far Away is a co-production with Via Zuid - talent development performing arts Limburg.


Fashion & Politics Talk
Saturday, 2 November / 14.00 - 15.30, Lumière Cinema

During the Fashion & Politics Talk there will be a discussion with a number of speakers about the relationship between fashion and politics and how both influence each other. Speakers include Dr. Angela Jansen (RCDF), Peter Paul Kleinlooh (Political Catwalk) and Dr. Bibi Straatman (Director of research Being Political in Art and Design and teacher of artistic research methods)

Class of 2019 Talk
Saturday, 2 November / 16.00 - 17.00, Lumière Cinema

In the context of the Class of 2019 exhibition, which can be seen at Lumière Cinema, a conversation is being organized. Moderated by Rachid Naas, the scouts discuss their findings about the graduation projects.

Gaspard Yurkievich
 Master Bed Talks
1 + 2 November / The Student Hotel

During the festival, a number of masters are invited to share their experiences and talk about their work. In this "In bed with the master" concept, the masters are interviewed by another professional.

- Gaspard Yurkievich
- Sruli Recht
- Barbara Langendijk & Noon Passama x Current Obession
- Philippe Pourhashemi

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019 is made possible by a.o. Municipality Maastricht, Provence of Limburg, VSB Fonds, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, KEVIN.MURPHY, Ellis Faas, DS Automobiles, Coffeelovers, Brand Bier, Thiessen Wijnkoopers, Flessenpost, PL-Line, Sessibon, Design Hotel Maastricht, The Student Hotel, Kaltblut Magazine,Chapeau Magazine and many more.
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