Thursday 14 November 2019

Berend Brus - I haven’t started yet

Rotterdam based designer Berend Brus presented his new collection during FASHIONCLASH Festival. After his successful graduation collection, that earned him a spot in the prestigious Lichting show in 2018, Berend stepped it up and proved his promising status with a more mature collection.

The collection ‘I haven’t started yet’ is inspired by a journey of rebellion, coming from kicking against social norms.The fight for the freedom of expression which deviates from the social norm has been strengthened by the invention of the nuclear family. A continuous clash between the free spirits, the colorful souls with the government preferred suburban bliss. We have to evaluate the norms and values of the mold that we were created in, and decide for ourselves what holds value, and what parts we want to burn down. A search for the similarities and visual language between the two dichotomies. The persistent exchange between pull and push has been the inspiration for Berend Brus’ new collection.

Instagram @berendbrus

Photography by Pasarella Photography

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