Wednesday 13 November 2019

BUMAGN - The Flower Doctor

BUMAGN, collective by designers Irina Budac (Romanian) and Rielle Magnee (Dutch), presented their striking menswear collection 'The Flower Doctor' during FASHIONCLASH Festival.
Irina Budac and Rielle Magnee both graduated from VIA Design in Denmark.
In addition to the show program they presented work at the Showpieces exhibition at de Bijenkorf. In this exhibition they presented a piece from the “The art collector” collection that tells a story of a lonely man that goes through three different stages of mental illness.

The concept of, “The Flower Doctor”, takes on several environmental issues, such as global warming and the extinction of our beloved honey bee, as it walks us through a story which portrays a grouchy old man, making absurd, yet humorous efforts in hopes of saving his treasured plants and flowers. The collection addresses the issue of waste within the fashion industry and is produced of 100% of upcycled materials and together with the story, is intended as a satirical approach to today’s environmental insensitivity. “Save the beezzz”, says the old man, “Get off my lawn!” shouts the old man.

Instagram: @bumagnofficial

Photography by Pasarella Photography

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