Sunday, 10 November 2019

Carlijn Veurink at FASHIONCLASH Festival

After the memorable debut in 2018, Carlijn Veurink impressed again with her new collection at FASHIONCLASH Festival. The presentation featured a live reading of a story by creative writer Jante Wortel.

A Vibrant Encounter is a collection of sculptural costumes. The structures and constructions give each piece their own autonomy. The costume becomes an identity, every performer becomes a character and together they visualize a story. A story about the tension and interaction between these characters, written by Jante Wortel.

‘A bird of paradise grows in my belly. I know it is impossible, but I feel the cadence, the soft singing, the rhythmic ticking against the walls of my body.’ 

The show is a performance with a surreal ambience. A collision of sound, words, movements and colours.

See the recap from her 2018 show, still of of my personal favorite.
A | Scen | Dance by Carlijn Veurink from Carlijn Veurink on Vimeo.

Photography: Pasarella Photography


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