Monday, 11 November 2019

Clash Project 2019

Hanneke & Tosca
Pasarella Photography
Since the beginning of FASHIONCLASH Festival in 2009, FASHIONCLASH invites ten artists and designers for the CLASH Project with assignment to translate their work into wearable catwalk pieces.
Participants from different art and design disciplines are challenged to transfer their practice, both materially and conceptually to a different medium. CLASH is the perfect opportunity to step out of your artistic comfort zone, to play and experiment with other forms of art. The participants are professionals who represent various artistic disciplines, such as fine art, product design, performance and photography. All disciplines except fashion are possible. The CLASH Project is an iconic project, forming one of the highlights of the FASHIONCLASH Festival and its outcome is always refreshing, captivating and trendsetting.
Results of the CLASH Project where presented during the Clash Show on Friday, November 1 during FASHIONCLASH Festival.
Clash project on the catwalk of FASHIONCLASH Festival
Pasarella Photography

In addition a photoshoot was organized, resulting in the stunning series by photographer Laura Knipsael.

More information:

CLASH Project 2019 participants + shoot 

Arvid & Marie - Artists and tech design 

Bert - Multidisciplinary Artist

Clara Escalera - Trend Forecast / Speculative design

Fenna van der Klei - concept & material development

Fransje Gimbrère - Applied Art & Design

 Hanneke & Tosca - Product Design

Igor Vrebac - Theatre / Dance

Koos Breen - Graphic Design

Siba Sahabi - Conceptual designer (products/installations)

Risja Steeghs - Fine Art (sculpture, installation, performance)

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