Wednesday 27 November 2019


Argentinian designer Garcia Bello made a successful debut at FASHIONCLASH Festival, not only did she impressed with her collection CAMPO, she was also named the jury winner of the Fashion Makes Sense Award 2019. With her brand GARCIABELLO, she presents a no-gender aesthetic with unique designs based on up-clycling process combined with biodegradable cotton and zero waste pattern cutting. The brand is based and produced in her homeland Arengina,  looking for representation of the national identity

"CAMPO works on the idea of the land both literally and metaphorically. It brings up those sensations that come to us when traveling upcountry to the heart of Tierra del Fuego, the most southern place in Latin America. We can recall a shelter made out of a tarp over some trees, or filling a drawer with the items needed to survive in the wild, all of which is strapped with a string and covered with a cloth. It also reminds us of tying a knot in a rope to fasten a mug and throwing it into the river to collect some water. Or spending a day in the wild and surviving the crude Patagonian winter. 
The garments in this collection are made out of discarded raw material donated by fishermen, hunters and adventurers from the area. Its mold design is inspired by up-cycling methods to create genderless and sizeless clothes out of the entire roll of cloth, with nowaste at all. Lastly, tailoring and outdoor style blend into this classical but unique collection of clothing from the Tierra del Fuego region."
Images by Pasarella Photography

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