Friday 22 November 2019

Hanneke & Tosca - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019

photo Laura Knipsael
With their Computer Says No! collection, Dutch designers Hanneke Klaver and Tosca Schift, presented a playful experience.

"The other day I had this conversation with my printer. When I sent my digital input, he responded with his voice on paper. We disagreed. He fired his paper as a rocket into the air. My holiday images turned pink and the mountains were full of stripes. He tries to show he is more than a computer. I can look at him as a disposable article, but to me he is a friend. Error makes his character.” It requires the eyes of a child to look beyond habit and convention. Welcome to the printer unknown to you."

Clash Project - ‘SICK OF SINGLE SOCKS’
Hanneke & Tosca call themselves movement designers. They joined forces after gradua- ting from the ArtEZ Product Design depart- ment. Playfully they experiment with objects, film and performance. With their work they advocate for a more humane relationship between man and object and for a revalua- tion of daily habits and products.

In addition to their collection of transformable printers, their contribution to the Clash Project with the washing machine is already a classic. Their playful approach shows the power of imagination that we also need in our lives.

For the costume ‘SICK OF SINGLE SOCKS’ they used the washing machine as the base, questioning the fact that the washing machine eats their socks. And about the unusual habit of humans to crawl into the machine. Where do the socks go? And how would it be for humans to run along with a wash?

Follow their cooperation on Instagram: @anteye_land

Catwalk photography by Pasarella Photography

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