Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Rebecca Carrington - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019

Rebecca Carrington, graduate from Manchester School of Art, presented her Ruby Ribbon collection during the 11th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival in Maastricht. The collection is inspired by her pet parrot Ruby who died few years ago. Rebecca has had multiple success with her collection, the latest being awarded first prize at iD Dunedin Fashion Week. 

"I celebrated her by creating a narrative. The story of Miss Ruby Ribbon. Ruby Ribbon is a girl who works in a supermarket on the checkout tills and is stuck in a rut of 9-5. She retreats to her bedroom where she plays with all of her childhood toys even though she is 21 years old, she still loves toys. Her favorite toy her cash register transports her into a new world, a place called Childhood City where she meets a parrot called Dream, a dalmatian dog called Kid, her inner child Miss Lola Child and the evil presence in the story Mr Baddie who lives in the sky and throws out weapons, illegal substances etc which makes all the toys and women in the city go crazy. All of the characters live in a castle which is surrounded by brainwashed women and toys. Ruby Ribbon is there to save them all from Baddie, but she discovers that everyone in Childhood City has a bad side to them and that Baddie is more upfront about his. She discovers that Baddie is actually a good person inside and that not everything is what it seems in life."

Photography by Pasarella photography

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