Monday 25 November 2019

Taskforce Fashion - Fashion After Flood

Taskforce Fashion - Fashion After Flood Pilot Presentation

On November 3rd, the interim results of the Taskforce Fashion - Fashion After Flood pilot where presented at the Jan van Eyck Academy. Narrated by Joost Horward, the presentation contained several speakers such as Hicham Khalidi (director Jan van Eyck Academy), Afke van Rijn (Director Media & Creative Industries at Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, OCW), Syb Groeneveld (Executive Director Creative Industries Fund NL), and the participating designers who during four months dove into the topic of Fashion After Flood.
The presentation featured performance by Toneelacademie Maastricht students Romy Moons and Olivier Herter.

Exhibtion& Interim results
On November 3rd, the exhibition Taskforce Fashion - Fashion After Flood was opened to public. The three teams, all existing of five designers, presented their interim results in the exhibition.

Team Amsterdam
What impact does the flood and status as a refugee have on the identity of Amsterdammers? Team Amsterdam of shows us how diversity and identity can be enriched by finding common ground. Al Mamoun Benmira, Lisa Konno, Gino Anthonisse, Lidewij van Twillert and Dewi Bekker, each pass their answer from a personal perspective to the next designer. It eventually merges into one story. How will the storyline deform, enrich and change visually as well as verbally from designer to designer? Find more about it here: Team Amsterdam

Team Arnhem
Team Arnhem of shows us a world of people who stay behind, people who are living on land and all the new realities in between. The rising (sea) water level changes more than only a transformation in landscape. Discover through the eyes of Linda Valkeman, Jessica van Halteren, Karin Vlug, Rosanne van Wijk and Carmen Hogg how people form along his/her environment and naturally find a way to make it wearable and suitable - be it out of necessity as a second skin or as a new coat.
More about: Team Arnhem

Team Maastricht 
Christa van der Meer and Anouk van Klaveren from team Maastricht outsourced the problem of the flood to Prof. Sayon. They recently received this flyer from him, which promises to solve many of your problems, even the most desperate things. They visited this medium in The Hague to hand over the problem of the rising sea water level. With great respect, they present his confidence about change. More about their findings here: ChristaxAnouk

If climate change continues at its current pace the sea level rise could create a future flood that would cover half the Netherlands. The flood will most likely cause mass migration from west to east due to the search for a safer haven while leaving behind a home. What should you take with you in the event of such a large scale evacuation? Anouk Van de Sande and Vera De Pont (Team Maastricht) interviewed themselves and others to formulate a possible answer to this complex question for Fashion After Flood. Discover the quotes from their interviews with others, as well as brainstorm sessions on a protective Flood Suit here:AnoukxVera

Yamuna Forzani of Team Maastricht did research among the queer community that she is a part of.

Taskforce Fashion is a research-based collaboration and multidisciplinary partnership of FASHIONCLASH, M-ODE and State of Fashion. Taskforce Fashion is commissioned by Creative Industries Fund NL and is made possible with the support of the municipality ofMaastricht, the municipality of Arnhem and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.
Instagram @taskforcefashion

Photo report
Photography: Valerie Spanjers

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