Thursday 7 November 2019

Winners - Fashion Makes Sense Award 2019

FASHIONCLASH presented the 3rd edition of ‘Fashion Makes Sense Award’ (FMSA), a returning motivation prize for sustainable young designers.
On September 28 the FMSA was officially opened at Cube Design Museum in The Netherlands with a special program with workshops and fashion talks. On Novemver 2 during the 11th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019 the winners where announced. GARCIABELLO from Argentina won the Jury prize of €2.500,- and the Audience prize of €1000,- went to Dutch designer Iris van Wees. Honorable mention is for Elke Lutgerink.
Jury panel consisted of Marlo Saalmink, John de Greef, Emy Demkes and Sjaak Hullekes.

With the Fashion Makes Sense Award project FASHIONCLASH aims to develop talent and support sustainable designers on the one hand and raise awareness of sustainability related issues with a larger audience on the other. FMSA is meant to motivate and stimulate promising talent to think about sustainability and to offer young talents support in developing a durable collection.
Previous winners were Paolo Carzana, MUKASHI MUKASHI, SANDERMANN, Gal Yakobovitch and Strikks.

The 10 finalists are exhibited at Cube Design Museum and one during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019 in Maastricht. The exhibition at Cube Design Museum is open until January 20.

FMSA 2019 Finalists are:
1. Anouk Beckers (Netherlands)
2. Iris van Wees (Netherlands)
3. Aurélie Fontan (France)
4. Elke Lutgerink (Netherlands)
5. N. Palmer (UK)
6. GARCIABELLO (Argentina)
7. Barbara Stutz (Switzerland)
8. Linda Valkeman (Netherlands)
10. yiyu chen (Taiwan)

Photography: Laura Knipsael

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