Sunday 15 March 2020

Yes, Please!

Marres x Company New Heroes

We are confronted with sex on a daily basis through porn, on dating apps, in movies, books, and the media. They all give us a forced perspective of how sex should look and feel. Young people and millennials are freer than ever, but suffer increasingly from performance pressure. Are our bodies attractive enough? Are we doing it right? What are our partners’ expectations, are they enjoying it? A new sense of prudery emerges that blocks our sexual freedom. There is one place, however, where we do not feel any pressure and are free to experiment: our imagination.

Through veils of shame, under soft carpets, and in a somewhat kinky kitchen, you’ll explore the variety of human imagination with help of a menu full of fantasies. Be amazed, surprised, touched, and shocked, and discover your own erotic identity.

Over the past two years, Company New Heroes has researched the erotic fantasies of more than 300 Dutch and Flemish people. Bolleke, a caravan equipped with audio equipment, visited several festivals to collect erotic fantasies. During the exhibition, Bolleke can be found in the garden of Marres, where visitors can share their own erotic fantasies upon registration.

Pascal Leboucq is the designer of the exhibition, and sound artist Marc Alberto makes the soundtracks. The dramaturgy of the exhibition, in which the research is also shared, is in the hands of Lucas De Man. They work with the creative networking company Company New Heroes.

The exhibition is part of the project Yes, Please!, a broad research to erotic fantasies.

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