Tuesday, 12 May 2020

FASHIONCLASH Digital Door Sale

FASHIONCLASH presents Digital Door Sale! 

FASHIONCLASH visited designers and creatives in and around Maastricht, no further than their doorstep, and asked them to offer 1 item each that you can buy straight away. How? Simply by either going to their web shop, sending them an e-mail or DM via Instagram. Time to spoil yourself or someone you love? Support an independent designer and buy something from them!

Participants: PAERS, Dorina Kappatos,220 VOLT Clothing,STUDIO HEEY, Tourist Clothing, Iris Desiree Claessens, Laura Knipsael, Laurie Bessems, STRIKKS, SamS Design, TITIES by Chiron Floris, Studio Danielle Vroemen, Jackalo, Olivia Bertus and Little Trophy.

Check it out: www.fashionclash.nl/digital-door-sale

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