Monday 26 October 2020


Streetwear by Outsider and Insider Artists

Outsider artists tend to be a little bit different. They often sidestep a conventional arts education, and operate outside of the mainstream art world. Sometimes they face mental or physical disabilities, homelessness and vulnerability. 

Outsiderwear is a new collaborative project combining talented outsider artists with a range of fashion designers and creatives, both emerging and established.

For the first edition of Outsiderwear, some 40 out- and insider artists join forces: sometimes in pairs, as well as in other, larger compositions. In the coming months, these teams will undertake a diverse range of creative projects: from performances and exhibitions to a series of band shirts and an underwear line. The result of these experimental collaborations will be shown and sold during the multidisciplinary Outsiderwear Festival, running from 12 March to 25 April 2021 in Amsterdam.

Outsiderwear is an initiative of artist Jan Hoek and Foundation Captain Hoek, in collaboration with Foundation M-ODE and Outsider Art Galerie.

Outsiderwear Festival

Lasting six weeks, the first Outsiderwear Festival seeks to celebrate creativity in all its forms, combining the worlds of outsider and insider artists in stimulating ways. Multiple locations in Amsterdam will host surprising exhibitions, shop-in-shops, an activist photo campaign, and a number of tours and talks.
Confirmed festival locations include Outsider Art Galerie, Hermitage Amsterdam, Patta Store, Galerie Vriend van Bavink and Zeedijk60.

The participants come from a range of varied backgrounds, from niche artists and big streetwear labels to independent designers and visual artists. During the Outsiderwear Festival, the following collaborations will be presented:

Theatergroep LeBelle X Duran Lantink 

Daniël Jos Eerenberg X Wobbewear

Ben Augustus X Piet Parra

Bruin Parry X Jan Hoek 

Antoine Monod de Froideville X Bonne Suits

Nielsjan Tavernier X Tom van de Borght

Rudy de Gruyl X Benedikt Fischer 

Stichting ArtBRUUT / Makom inloophuis X Tenant of Culture

Joey Bocciardo X Fenna Miedema X Lionel Plak X Nancy X MULAS HYBRID HAUS X SUMIBU X Tirino Yspol

Aadesokan X Maxivive (Lagos)

Ayse Somunchu X Bas Kosters

Regillio Benjamin X Desmond Tjon A Koy X Patta 

Mark Bossink X Sophie Hardeman

Sijtse Keur X Norbert de Jong X Alexxx X Hans Klastat X Minke de Fonkert X Bonne Suits 

Outsiderwear Bandshirts van o.a. Cengiz Imamdi 

Outsiderwear X Tattoo-project

Speech performance by Ulrike Möntmann

Various solo presentations, including Johan Vanderscheldenen and Naomi Schupper

Despite increasing attention for outsider art – now with its own museums, biennials and galleries – this world rarely experiences close contact with the creative industry at large. Outsiderwear wants to break this dichotomy, because many outsiders deserve wider recognition, whilst many insider makers feel a deep affinity with unconventional outsider practices.

Jan Hoek: "The first collaborations of Outsiderwear are beginning to take shape. It’s so special to see how logically the collaboration between outsiders and insiders works. I look forward to a future in which the boundaries between these two worlds fade away.”

Outsiderwear is supported by Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, VSB Fonds, Rabobank Amsterdam, StimuleringsfondsCreatieve Industrie, Stichting DOEN, Prins Bernhard Cultuurf onds and Stichting Cordaan and works together with Outsider Art Galerie, Herenplaats, De Volksbond (GJ Scheurleerweg), Stichting ArtBRUUT / Makom inloophuis, De Witte Olifant, Bijzonder Amsterdams, TheatergroepLeBelle and De Meijboom. 






12 March – 25 April
Presentation out- and insider collaborations. Collection sales begin. Webshop launch. Opening party. Exhibitions, tours and talks. Locations: Outsider Art Galerie, Hermitage Amsterdam, Super SEXYLAND World, Vriend van Bavink, Patta Store, Galerie Fleur & Wouter, ABCND Store and Zeedijk60.

March – August 2021 Expansion of collection. Exhibitions.
Shop-in-shops. Biennial presentation.

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