Thursday 1 October 2020

Shoes Have Names

Jo Cope

Jo Cope and Shelter come together at Boutique by Shelter in a truly unique collaboration at Coal Drops Yard, for London Craft Week 2020.

Stories of homelessness have never been told like this before. Shelter has joined forces with conceptual fashion designer Jo Cope for the Shoes Have Names art exhibition. As part of London Craft Week, this free exhibition is being held at our wonderful flagship Shelter Boutique shop in Coal Drops Yard, between 30 September and 7 October 2020.

During the week, this exhibition and retail space celebrates the positive change Shelter has helped make to people struggling with bad housing through their advice and support services. Shoe designers from the UK/ Europe worked with individuals who faced homelessness to understand their story and their future hopes after working with Shelter. The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the thousands of people tackling evictions, poor housing conditions, landlord issues and homelessness. But Shelter gives hope. With the right support and by working together, people can fight bad housing and make a positive change.

The show features a collection of handmade artworks inspired by the personal experiences of real people facing homelessness. Ten international artists, shoemakers and designers were paired up with a person that Shelter has helped through its frontline services. From shoes made out of an old sofa, to the use of the latest CAD software and 3D printing, you can explore the journey of the art and the show on the Shoes Have Names blog.

Boutique by Shelter x Jo Cope
Jo Cope is a conceptual fashion designer working at the intersection of fine art, fashion and craft. She has curated the pieces for the exhibition alongside the Boutique by Shelter team. Since 2006 Jo has worked on a diverse range of commissions and exhibits which push the formal boundaries of fashion questioning its evolving role within art and society.
Shoes Have Names is a unique collaboration between Shelter Boutique, Jo Cope and ten designers/artists: Kobi Levi, Elisabeth Thorsen, Kristina Walsh, Liz Ciokajlo, Tabitha Ringwood, Daniel Charkow, Dr Ellen Sampson, Caroline Groves, Jana Zornik and Jackie Leggett

Liz Ciokajlo x Amy-Jo

Kobi Levi x Shelter

Kristina Walsh x Sarah

digital designer Mathile Rougier created filters for the project

Jana Zornik x Lola

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