Thursday 28 January 2021


ALPHONSE MAITREPIERRE Digital Couture Sping-Summer 2021 collection is a tribute to Madeleine Castaing the famous antique dealer and interior designer. Famous as much for her identifiable taste as for her free spirit, her love of mixing, not to mention her iconic chin elastic. Her original and whimsical personality allows her to mix, even at the time, a carpet with a leopard pattern and Napoleon III style furniture, to add exotic bamboo furniture, and antique objects, making her a true stylist. 

It was during the second confinement that the idea of this collection came to ALPHONSE MAITREPIERRE. "At that time, for the second time, we all found ourselves locked up at home again. I wanted to make silhouettes that spoke about confinement, but not in a sad or frightening way, quite the contrary. For weeks we watched videos of people dancing at home, going for a walk, playing sports, arranging their space, having fun."

"It was important for me that these «Dadames» were a bit like our avatars, who with time become one with the decor around them. Thus, we can find hybrid pieces such as a comforter suit, a parquet dress, a vase bag, a sofa coat, and a hanger bag to name a few. In our image, they knew how to take this strange period with a certain humor and we can then see them becoming delirious, dancing, running, moving the walls, turning upside down the iconic gentilhommière de Lèves decorated by Madeline Castaing."

«Madeleine» Adem Elahel,is the result of a collaboration with 3D artist Adem Elahel and sound designer Hugues Tonnet.

  MAITREPIERRE founder, Alphonse Maitrepierre graduated from visual arts school and fashion La Cambre in 2016 before working as assistant stylist to Jean Paul Gaultier in his Haute Couture studio, and working as a part time costume designer, for Chanel and Acne Studios. 

Alphonse Maitrepierre launched his own label ‘MAITREPIERRE’ in 2018, producing haute couture, ready-to-wear pieces from his Paris-based studio. 



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