Monday 11 January 2021

AnoukxVera & Vlisco&co

AnoukxVera design studio teamed up with Vlisco&co to design a wearable toolkit. The Bulky Body Belt is a wearable toolkit uniquely designed for the kick-off of the Vlisco&co print workshop. 13 Toolkits in 3 colorways have been sent to the selected participants in Accra, Cotonou, Abidjan, Lomé, Lagos and Kinshasa. This toolkit contains a variety of tools and art supplies which form the inspirational start of the design process. The tools can be stored in attachable boxy bags and flashy shapes. Semi transparent materials give a sneekpeek of the creative mindset of the wearer, and become an ever changing pattern on the body.

Anouk van de Sande and Vera de Pont together form AnoukxVera; a studio focused on print, motion and visual storytelling. The studio operates within the fields of textiles and other materials in the direct environment of the human body. Characteristic of their work is a playful handwriting, which bridges the gap between graphic design and moving imagery. The results tend to be thought-provoking, with a special focus on the sustainability and flexibility of fashion and interior design. 

 More information anout the project: here 


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