Wednesday 10 March 2021

For Dear Life - Berend Brus

Berend Brus presented his new collection within the framework of The Clash House, a new format of FASHIONCLASH Festival that focusses on experimenting with presentation forms. Performance is created in collaboration with choreographer Giovanni Brand.

Berend Brus is not only a fashion designer. He is a wild hearted explorer that loves to kick against social norms that we are expected to follow. He strives to open up the conversation about unpopular and sensitive conversations subjects in search for connection and igniting social change.

His collection ‘For Dear Life’ is about the dark corners of your consciousness. “Your brain wants to return to these thoughts during moments of mental health weakness. It's about perseverance and starting over after being victorious. To choose life over the paralysis of despondency. Wanting to start with a clean slate but not being able to until the debris laying around is recycled.” With this collection, Berend hopes to further alleviate the stigma around mental health and to give those familiar with this struggle recognition, to make them feel more understood and less lonely. Another goal is to show those who aren’t burdened by these issues what it feels like in a visceral and observable way.

Apart from delving into the topic of mental health, this collection was created with circularity in mind. All of the ‘For Dear Life’ designs are made from up-cycled materials, giving the collection name a double meaning. Some of these materials were delivered by SWAPSHOP, a clothing swap project based in Rotterdam. Other textiles used in this collection are from clothes with deeply emotional undertones. They were worn or slept in by people during their darkest moments, bringing the collection full circle and exemplifying its powerful message.


Some impressions from the presentation and behind the scenes.
Hair is created by KEVIN.MURPHY and make-up is created by Art of Colors with use of Inika Organic.
All images by Branko Popovic.

You can watch the show here together with the whole The Clash House show:

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