Sunday, 21 March 2021

Human Poetics | Polimoda Fashion Movie

Serena Schettino's collection photographed at Galleria Romanelli during the making of Human Poetics

During Milano Fashion Week Women's Collection and for the first time ever, Polimoda presented a short movie featuring 20 collections by Undergraduate in Fashion Design students. Shot in unconvential Florentine locations, the garments created by our young designers are breathing life into a city ready for a brand new Renaissance.  

Polimoda's Human Poetics is a fusion of art, nature and architecture, transporting viewers back to the heart of human creativity and delving into the shapes and lines of a temporarily crestfallen Florence.  

 "This Fashion Movie is about images that blend and overlap, expressing the fears, aspirations, emotions and visions of a brilliant generation of young designers grappling with the aesthetics of a new decade at a fast pace," explains Director Massimiliano Giornetti. "It is a dialogue between heritage, present, future, technology and craftsmanship, binding it all together in un unprecedented metissage and giving life to a unique project that is human-centric and innovative." 

Polimoda shared this experience with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, uniting people from all over the world with the sensations only fashion is able to convey.

Alice Baggio's collection at the Sferisterio


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