Sunday, 14 March 2021


NEO Design presented their JUUNISHINEO project within the framework of The Clash House, a new format of FASHIONCLASH Festival that focusses on experimenting with presentation forms. Performance concept is created in collaboration with choreographer Mami Izumi and realised in Belgrade.

NEO Design was founded by Nevena Ivanović in 2014, as a part of a graduate project. With NEO Design, Nevena strives to bring traditional techniques of making clothing and jewelry to a new age in which functionality will benefit from the simplicity inspired tradition. The brand tries to connect the traditions of many different nations with futuristic ideas and rebuilds these in a new way, with a connection between the past and the future. 

The collection ‘JUUNISHINEO - Buddha's farewell dinner’ is inspired by elements from Japanese and East Asian zodiac legends about Buddha's farewell dinner. Zodiacs are very important in the lives of Japanese people - they believe that the zodiac is foretelling a person’s luck and fortune and a lot of people rely on these forecasts in their major decision making varying from where to build their homes, what businesses to establish and even who they can marry. The collection represents a conceptual approach to wedding wear and is semi-recycled out of old, used wedding dresses and tuxedos, where every outfit is corresponding to certain zodiac signs.


Photography: Andrea Krželj

Watch the presentation of the collection here:

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