Sunday 7 March 2021


MAARTEN VAN MULKEN presented his new collection within the framework of The Clash House, a new format of FASHIONCLASH Festival that focusses on experimenting with presentation forms.

Performance is created in collaboration with choreographer Giovanni Brand.

MAARTEN VAN MULKEN is a fashion designer and label based in The Netherlands. With a main focus on creating womenswear collections, Maarten has been working on many side projects variating from menswear, performances and objects. His collections are based on concepts that are meant to disrupt normal life, referring to different fields within art and combining them with social issues nowadays.

‘UNKNOWN ENTRY EVENT’ is a collection that challenges the fashion standards and normativity we experience as individuals. It crosses boundaries between the old couture, the fast-fashion industry, the absurdities we experience in normal live and the questions that come with it. “What is happening? What did already happen? And more important; what will come next? Can we anticipate on this event or will it be out of our hands and we just have to sit back and watch?” The collection is about inner acceptations, a struggle, and empowerment to all these absurdities coming our way and how we deal with them.

You can watch the show here together with the whole The Clash House show:


Some impressions from the presentation and behind the scenes.
Hair is created by KEVIN.MURPHY and make-up is created by Art of Colors with use of Inika Organic.
All images by Branko Popovic.

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