Sunday 21 March 2021

Marlou Breuls Creative Studio - Objectification of the body

Marlou Breuls Creative Studio presented interim process results from the ongoing research project

‘Objectification of the body’ during the digital edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival. This was a performative presentation of the process and working aesthetic from the studio. This transparent working method is something that makes the current generation of designers significant in the changes the fashion industry is facing.

Marlou Breuls is a multidisciplinary fashion designer who started her own creative studio in Amsterdam in 2016. She prefers to describe herself as a visual artist rather than a traditional fashion designer. Within her studio she sees the human body as a foundation on which ideas come to life. This results in a sculptural approach in which unconventional use of materials and constructions come together. The will to innovate is always decisive. The studio's handwriting shows avant-garde use of form, craftsmanship, an eye for detail and exaggerated silhouettes. Textiles are one of the means by which they form ideas and fascinations, as sculptors do with stone and clay.

In ‘Objectification of the body’, fashion-related sculptures move in a space where time, textiles and the human body are unnaturally merged, exchanged or duplicated. You walk into a ceremony or ritual, full of human objects that feel like they are transforming. The work plays with the tension between alienation and abjection and is at the same time tactile inviting. The work serves as a guide through a world where the boundaries between fashion, sculpture and the body are completely alienated. A world where there is a tear in the thin tissue that blurs imagination and reality, so that elements of both worlds can merge.

You can follow work Marlou Breuls Creative Studio and proces also on Instagram.


All images by Branko Popovic. 

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