Wednesday 3 March 2021

PAERS - digital FASHIONCLASH Festival

PAERS is a menswear label by Ashley Luypaers that reflects upon the notions of self-expression and identity in relation to contemporary men's fashion. Inspired by the limitation of traditionally and culturally informed ideas on masculinity, PAERS designs focus on creating more freedom for male styling.

The ‘OH GOD IT'S DAVID’ capsule collection continues where PAERS’ last collection ended: the manifestation of self-expression within menswear. The collection’s title refers to the so-called ‘ideal’ portrait of men, starting from ancient Greek statues to Michelangelo’s vision of the perfect man ‘David’. The collection strives both to create a space for men where they can feel free from the pressure to abide by long standing traditions and norms in their appearances, as well as to contribute to a general shift in social ideas of gender to change toxic gender standards.



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