Sunday 7 March 2021

Rena Jansen - digital FASHIONCLASH Festival

Rena Jansen presented her new collection LOVE SICK within the framework of The Clash House, a new format of FASHIONCLASH Festival that focusses on experimenting with presentation forms. She collaborated with Martin Malibu, the singing sensation from West-Friesland.
Performance is created in collaboration with choreographer Mami Izumi.

Rena Jansen is a sustainable designer who graduated in 2018 from the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht. She worked for designer Walter Van Beirendonck in 2019 and started her label right after that. Rena’s style is bold and colorful, drawing inspiration from surrealism, youth rebellion, childhood nostalgia and her experiences growing up as a millennial. She twists fashion archetypes, creating contradictions that question the world as we know it. The fashion she makes is conceptual, but includes wearable pieces that allow the wearers to express themselves through clothing.

Rena’s upcoming collection ‘Lovesick’ is an ode to young love and the confusion arising from new sensations and experiences. “Love often detaches us from reality, making us feel like we’re walking around with our “head in the clouds”. The collection deals with innocence, coming to terms with your feelings as a teenager and inhabiting a space between dreams and reality. Love can be exhilarating or isolating, depending on our connection to others and how they receive such feelings. ‘Lovesick’ operates as a longing for intimacy and human warmth, in times where physical distancing and fear are everyday rules.”

In collaboration with Martin Malibu, the singing sensation from West-Friesland.


You can watch the presentation here:

Some impressions from the presentation and behind the scenes.
Hair is created by KEVIN.MURPHY and make-up is created by Art of Colors with use of Inika Organic

All images by Branko Popovic.

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