Monday 28 June 2021

Sabrina Durić - May Peace Prevail on Earth

Sabrina Durić graduated with 'May Peace Prevail on Earth' as part of HKU - Utrecht University of Arts.

Although born in The Netherlands in 1995, in the year the war ended in former Yugoslavia, Sabrina dedicated her project to innocent souls taken by the brutality of the war. With this personal project she presents a hopefull narrative using the beauty of narure to represent the lost souls. The collection is build on white shades representing life as well as death. Handicrafts techniques such as beading, knitting and crochet are used referencing symbols (Srebrenica Flower, Sarajevo Roses).

 "I myself have never known Bosnia other than a country that has beautiful nature and lovely people. As I grew older I came to understand more about what happened during the time of the war (1992-1995). It is unbelievable how pain can develop with time that passes by. It is something I will carry within me for the rest of my life.As this is the reason to why I decided to dedicate my final work of my 4 years of study at the HKU to all the innocent souls that we have unfortunately lost during these horrific times. I want to give something, or be able to do something for the people that are no longer here and their loved ones that have to live in pain every day in and for now this is my way to express myself by creating garments."

"As a menswear designer I am dedicating this collection not only to all the men that were executed but also to all the women that were hurt, beaten, raped and executed as well. Mothers who have lost their sons, husbands, brothers, fathers, friends. We have lost over a 100.000 beautiful souls and this will not be forgotten."




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