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Talents X Talents: blending talent with fashion and entertainment

Talents X Talents is born: a creative factory blending talent with fashion and entertainment

Polimoda and celebrity stylist Rebecca Baglini launch a project dedicated to the blending of fashion with other artistic disciplines. In the first episode, music is the protagonist: students collaborate with artists MYDRAMA and cmqmartina.

Polimoda and celebrity stylist Rebecca Baglini present Talents X Talents, a new project dedicated to merging explosive creativity with the talent of emerging young people in different artistic fields. The protagonists of the first installment—dedicated to music—are artists MYDRAMA and cmqmartina. For this project, a team of students from the fashion school curated a series of looks to create an iconic photography campaign for both artists.

Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Art Direction students worked with two musical artists who participated in the latest edition of X Factor. Different artistic fields came together with a common goal in mind: to create something innovative and fresh during this historical moment. The world needs to start dreaming again and witnessing artistic role models who are exquisite talents is a perfect start.

The outcome of the collaboration is a photography campaign that brings forward the unique style of the two artists while also giving students an out-of-the-ordinary real-life work experience.

"The fashion world, and therefore Polimoda's world, is made of intuition and vision," explains Polimoda Director Massimiliano Giornetti. "Fashion and music are human-centric realms that look for talent in an individual's creative energy. Thanks to this collaboration with Rebecca Baglini, we have united these two fields so students have the opportunity to work with extraordinary artists of our time to achieve something unique.”

Under the guidance of celebrity stylist, creative director and fashion editor Rebecca Baglini, who has styled many celebrities and worked for fashion brands, and thanks to the collaboration of a professional team of photographers, stylists and make-up artists, students of the design department brought their creative vision to life by working with two young artists from the contemporary music scene.

The garments, made by fashion design students, shined bright with the help of fashion styling students who created the looks and with the vision of art direction students who used their intuition and skills to turn the looks into iconic images. Polimoda students were responsible for creative direction, garment choice, styling and photography, working with both artists and all of the professionals involved.

"With Polimoda, we were able to create a modern creative factory," says Rebecca Baglini. “When working on this kind of project, you have to do it with your heart, with passion and with professionalism. It was beautiful to see two fantastic Italian artists like MYDRAMA and cmqmartina interact with the students. I also want to thank the teams of both artists, their record companies, MYDRAMA's stylist Giulio Casagrande and photographer Alessandro Treves for being great role models during this experience.”

This project delicately pushes students out of their school and academic “comfort zone” by putting them in a real-world environment and showing them what it means to work within the dynamics of the fashion and the music industry. Students learned about linking a point of view with an aesthetic vision in a discipline that isn't fashion, analyzing and interpreting the identity of a client, applying creativity to style and working with a team to harmoniously reach a common goal.

“I think the fusion of different talents is very contemporary,” says Giornetti. “It's also particularly emotional. We're in this historical moment where we are so distant from each other. The possibility of seeing and collaborating with so many creative minds in the same room is like a modern-day gymnasium. Students are given the ability to collaborate and share. That is the essence of what creativity means today.”


Photographers Lapo Quagli and Alessandro Treves, stylist Giulio Casagrande, make-up artists Anna Maria Negri and Charlotte Hardy, Polimoda students Cecilia Baistrocchi and Tommaso Palamin for styling, Alessio Boccini, Sofia D'Urbano, Rosanna Galeone and Gabriele Rosati for art direction, Ginevra Allegri (powered by dadsit), Alice Baggio, Nicolas Bollinger, Maria Vittoria Del Rosso, Alessia Dovero, Samuel Lewis, Benedetta Mandoli, Mariia Mustaeva, Polina Popova, Stella Roslund, Viola Ruzza, Serena Schettino, Nicolò Tocco, Edoardo Cavrini, Haigann Fevrier-President, Rex Lee Qi and Pietro Smania for fashion design worked on the project.

Polimoda thanks Sony Music Italy, Columbia Records Italy, DOOM Entertainment, Tuttomoltobenegrazie, La Clinica Dischi and TSP Management for the collaboration.

It doesn't end here. In the fall, Talents X Talents will share more exciting collaborations and talents from the worlds of music, cinema, theater and art.

Images credits:

Photo: Gabriele Rosati, supervisor Lapo Quagli
Styling: Cecilia Baistrocchi e Tommaso Palamin, supervisor Giulio Casagrande
Art Direction: Alessio Boccini, Sofia D'Urbano, Rosanna Galeone e Gabriele Rosati
Make-up: Anna Maria Negri
Outfit look2: Maria Vittoria Del Rosso, Polina Popova
Outfit look4: Nicolas Bollinger
Outfit look7: Stella Maiken Roslund, Edoardo Cavrini


Photo: Alessio Boccini, supervisor Alessandro Treves
Styling: Cecilia Baistrocchi, Tommaso Palamin
Art Direction: Alessio Boccini, Sofia D'Urbano, Rosanna Galeone e Gabriele Rosati
Make-up: Charlotte Hardy (Simone Belli Agency)
Outfit look1: Samuel Lewis
Outfit look4: Serena Schettino, earrings Rex Lee Qi
Outfit look7: Benedetta Mandoli
Backstage: photo Beatrice Vesprini for Polimoda

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