Saturday 28 August 2021

De Nieuwe Zonderlingen 2021

13 young artists and designers from the Netherlands and Belgium invited a select group to travel to Tilburg to discover the 'De Nieuwe Zonderlingen'.

De Nieuwe Zonderlingen is a new - self initiated - event by a collective of young artists and designers from Netherlands and Belgium who joined forces to present their work in a joint multidisciplinary event. On Thursday, August 26, the event of De Nieuwe Zonderlingen took place at NS16 in Tilburg. 

After August 26, the exhibition will be presented in a smaller form in the Textile Museum in Tilburg. A selection of shown works, that included visual/installation art, soundscapes, scents, food and fashion, will be on exhibited in the TextielMuseum until 3 October 2021.

Presentation on 26 August had an uninhibited and welcoming atmosphere. The happening and the initiative is a positive and free expression of youth culture that should be cherished.

Participating artists and designers are: Jacob Lambrecht, Mark van Hoek, Dille Ach, Bas Steens (Locks), Akin James, Lana van Beijsterveldt, Rachel Klok, Arno Camps, Daniel Zeeland, McGyver, Brian Omen, Atilla Yüksel, Arno Camps, Martijn Natens,

Following are some images of the event.


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