Sunday 26 September 2021

Het Geluid Maastricht: Limburgse Horizon

Globally, Limburg is one of the most innovative regions in the field of food production and agricultural developments. What lives and grows in Limburg's nature is constantly changing. What influence do these changes have on Limburg culture and identity? 

The social debate about the landscape, climate and the future of Limburg farmers is getting louder. Who are all part of that interface between the environment, identity and food production? In the musical, theatrical event Limburgse Horizon, these questions are explored in an artistic way. Het Geluid Maastricht is realizing this project with various contributions from, among others, food innovators, traditional farmers, agricultural secondary students and inventors of the tractor of the future.

In a scenography designed by Davy van Gerven, various qualities of Het Geluid Maastricht come together in a multi-layered experience that functions as an invitation to think about the future of the Limburg landscape; Limburg horizon.

Lumburg Horizon is on show during festival Musica Sacra Maastricht and before it was programmed at Limburg Festival and Cultura Nova in Heerlen.

Het Geluid Maastricht
For more than ten years, Het Geluid Maastricht has been making engaging interdisciplinary music theater for a wide audience from Limburg. Het Geluid Maastricht is characterized in its performances by bringing together the ancient power of opera and (music) theater with new techniques, phenomena and social developments. The makers of Het Geluid do not see themselves as directors of a theater performance, but as designers and leaders of processes between people. The strength of artistic leaders Gable Roelofsen and Romy Roelofsen is connecting unexpected groups of people to special projects (themes).


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