Thursday, 30 September 2021

The Spomeniks - Yuzhao Huang

The Spomeniks is a graduation project of Yuzhao Huang who graduated from London College of Fashion Footwear MA in 2021.

The projecte contains five decorative homewear pieces, designed using high-heel language with mechanical elements that can transfer the pieces between forms and create unexpected movements.

"In the summer 2019, I travelled across Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia to visit 14 SPOMENIKS built in former Yugoslavia era. These abandoned World War II monuments made me feel “REBORN”.
In this project, I want to create a collection of “Objects of Wonder” that can deliver the feeling of “rebirth”. This project also explores a new direction of footwear design by seeing high heels as engineering homeware products in the fashion context. This collection can fit in the homeware market for a high-end fashion brand as part of the brand’s lifestyle identity."

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