Friday 10 December 2021

Strolling in Grandma's Clothing

‘Strolling in Grandma's Clothing’ (original in Dutch: Flaneren in Oma’s kleren) is a collaboration between Bobbine Berden and journalist Evi Guldemeester. Together they create a playful connection between story and image. It is a long-term project focusing on the identity of existing garments in relation to the story of the (old) original wearer. How was the concept of 'dressing the body' perceived by the older generations and what can we learn from that?

Within the The Clash House program during FASHIONCLASH Festival, they showed the first visual translation of their findings. This translation emphasizes the concepts of nostalgia, (re)appreciation and emotional sustainability.

Bobbine Berden is a visual narrative designer and is interested in the value systems of the fashion industry and the relationship between consumers and garments. She translates consumers' behavior into visuals, audio or text, thereby illustrating - in a playful way - the world from different perspectives. Besides studying current value systems, Bobbine also pays close attention to the concept of re-valuation. She challenges the contemporary fashion system to start designing in new ways; in which time, quality, purity and (emotional) sustainability are at the center.

More information about the project:

Photography by Laura Knipsael


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