Saturday 16 April 2022

To Dye For - Textielmuseum

To Dye For

9 April 2022 till 2 October 2022
Textielmuseum Tilburg (Netherlands)

Textiles come in every colour imaginable. But have you ever wondered what makes your favourite jeans blue? Discover the world of textile dyeing in the exhibition ‘To Dye For’: from the origin of dyes and the stories behind them to their impact on people and the environment.

Yellow, blue and red form the starting point of ‘To Dye For’, which features work by artists and (fashion) designers such as Claudy Jongstra, Antonio José Guzman & Iva Jankovic, Nienke Hoogvliet, Aboubakar Fofana and Nan Groot Antink. Spanning centuries and continents, the exhibition provides a glimpse of the beauty and dilemmas of colour in textiles. Learn about the challenges that artisans, artists, designers and scientists have faced over the years as well as the creative solutions they have found. Discover which plants can be used for dyeing in the museum’s Dye Plant Garden.
Antonio José Guzman x Iva Jankovic

Antonio José Guzman x Iva Jankovic

Living colour

Nienke Hoogvliet

Aliki van der Kruijs

Claudy Jongstra


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