Thursday, 29 September 2022

Fitting In exhibition at Z33 in Hasselt

Mous Lamrabat

Fitting In
On show 02.10 to 26.02.23 at Z33 in Hasselt (Belgium)

The world turns increasingly pluriverse. How can we, without losing ourselves, become part of a larger entity? That question forms the starting point of the group exhibition Fitting In. Artists and designers show how lavish our context can be, if we are open to the many voices around us. They understand identities as multi-layered or fluid. In conversation with you they explore the boundaries between fashion, visual art, photography, design and the world.

The multitude in which we find ourselves today as world inhabitants demands a whole new form of mutual involvement. Rather than following traditions unquestionably, we are invited in each new encounter to remediate our thoughts and actions. Our identity becomes a fluid given and our creative capacity plays a key role in this quest for mutual coordination. However challenging this new situation may be, it offers an excellent opportunity to deal with ourselves and our environment a lot more consciously. 

The FITTING IN exhibition asks questions about reshaping the ways we live together. On hierarchy, norm, the construction of differentiation and equality. Exhibition brings together artists and designers who recharge themselves on the multiplicity in and around themselves, and from there make our cultural constructions conscious and accessible. Based on their own unique approach, they propose concrete scenarios for real change. By approaching identity dynamically and hybridly, they explore new relationships with the other, with themselves, with the environment, with our world view, and with the future.

Participating artists:

Christian Bakalov, Alia Ali, Lisa Konno & Sarah Blok, Mous Lamrabat, Berre Brans, Elisa Van Joolen, Das Leben am Haverkamp: Dewi Bekker, Anouk van Klaveren & Gino Anthonisse, The Fabricant & Teresa Manzo, CFGNY, Ines Alpha, Tom Van der Borght, Jo Cope & Boutique by Shelter, Marwan Bassiouni, Nazanin Fakoor, Helen Storey, Sanne Vaassen, ADIFF Angela Luna, Anais Hazo-Santorin, Elke Lutgerink, Lotje Heidingsfeld, Lucy & Jorge Orta, Mona Steinhaeusser, Sheltersuit, Thierry Geoffroy, Woman Cave Collective: Léticia Chanliau & Chloé Macary-Carney.

Lucy & Orta _ Antartical Village

Curators: Annelies Thoelen, Branko Popovic and Marnix Rummens
Scenography: Jasper Zehetgruber
Graphic Design: Studio de Ronners
With thanks Rien Geypen, Kurt Geraerts and to the whole Z33 team.

More informaton: Z33

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