Wednesday 30 November 2022

Open Mic Night - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2022

Open Mic Night
powered by Meester Koetsier Foundation, an interactive and performative show during the 14th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival.

Open Mic Night aims to create inspiring encounters between designers and the public, by asking questions and sharing stories. It is an eclectic clash of visions, working methods and styles of an outspoken and progressive generation. In Open Mic Night, FASHIONCLASH Festival offers a stage to 6 fashion makers, who can present their designs and the story behind them to the public.

Participanting designers were Ruben Jurriën, Kickyland, Floor Klaassen, Loïs Brandsen, Inez Carmen, Lauren Thoonen (winner of Kunstbende 2022 Fashion category)

This unique comedy club inspired fashion event was presented by Ariah Lester.

You can watch the show here:

All images are by Laura Knipsael

Loïs Brandsen
Blanket, the feeling of not knowing where to belong.

“The collection focuses on the question “Where do I belong”? Growing up in two homes in between two opposite cultures that somehow melted well, left me longing for a home that does not even exist. By answering the question given, I recognized my cultural background which resulted in two opposite worlds; the Dutch and Indonesian culture which are intertwined in my family blood. Defining both cultures made me study the sense of belonging and the definition of home. A home is meant to be a safe place of comfort and nurture, a place where we gain our sense of belonging.”

Loïs Brandsen is an ambitious and beginning fashion designer, passionate about bringing quality and meaning to garments in relation to community, heritage and craftsmanship, as well as the modern translation of its function in the future. In search for atmosphere, proportion and silhouettes, Loïs strives to create a poetic story which reflects on the emotions we experience as human beings in the community.



Floor Klaassen

“Do you still make enough time to have fun? What is play to you?” ‘PLAYHOOD’ questions today’s performance society and starts a dialogue with the viewer. This human wear collection gives one a new perspective on play, which originates from deep-rooted memories.

“I grew up in a soccer family, where participating is more important than winning. It’s a cherished memory that takes me back to a carefree time. Many see play as something only children do, but this collection search for ways to show that playing for adults can be cool too. So, “don’t grow the fuck up”.

Floor Klaassen is an interdisciplinary designer who explores the boundaries regarding clothing, jewellery and accessories. Humour is a tool she uses to create awareness for issues that arise in society. Reoccurring elements within her work are deconstruction and contrast. Playing with contrast in shapes, colors and materials create an alienation that fascinates her. Besides making her own collections, she loves to collaborate with other creatives. The cornerstones within her practices are identity, re-use and experiment.


Ruben Jurriën

Pak van mijn Hart!

‘Pak van Mijn Hart!’ Is a collection inspired by the image of clothing in our current society. A society in which we sometimes feel insecure, unsafe, or not ourselves. The collection is intended as a playing field to discover what kind of superhero is in you. The collection will weave the superhero suit into the traditional suit which now has dubious associations: the disguise for the successful businessmen, the politicians, but also for power abusers. “By playing with the traditional dress rules, I can create free garments that allow you to distance yourself from the great gray masse and its negative associations. This way you can use the suit carefree for the power it carries, and free the superhero in yourself.”

Ruben Jurriën is gender free happiness. Very much inspired by little Ruben playing around in his parents’ wardrobe. He loves the oversized silhouette. All his garments are either one size fits all or adjustable to your own size. This is very important to him. The reason he does so is that no one can feel excluded from being a part of the fun and beautiful world of fashion. Ruben plays with colour, shape and semiotics. Giving things a new meaning/use is something he finds very powerful in fashion design. His designs are flamboyant yet functional. Contributing to the desire to be extra yet being able to carry your phone with you.











Inez Carmen
The objectification of the physique

“This collection started with the fascination of cosmetic surgery, and how we have started to see the body as an object that can be modified in our modern world, although when somebody undergoes a cosmetic procedure there can be a lot of hatred towards it. With this collection I want to make people think about their opinions on cosmetic procedures, but mostly I want to say it is not okay to have prejudices about someone based on their looks. With this concept I made designs, and expanded the hips, breasts, muscles and ears of my clothing pieces in order to tell this story.”

Inez Carmen is a KABK Fashion Design graduate, specialized in women's wear. She is a designer who likes to challenge the border between art and fashion, this is done by designing clothing pieces that function as props to tell a story. This story line can be visible in her videoclips, imagery and designs. The pieces all have a function in the world Inez Carmen wants to create, her aim is to create a fun and absurd world which can make you think of social matters.



The concept of Kicky van de Haar is about creating a new world. A world where people feel curious to learn more about the coherence in colours, prints and materials. This concept is all about breaking the uniformity wear and unwritten dress codes. Kicky’s goal is to be a source of inspiration to people. In this world it’s all about playing with different perceptions of unpredictable patterns, colours and materials and to apply them all on a 100% basis. She would love to welcome you all to ‘Kickyland’.

Kicky van de Haar is a creative designer based in Amsterdam. For years, she has dreamed of a world where everyone can be themselves. A world where we don't compare and judge, but love, break free from uniformity and celebrate life. Her garments tell a story where the wearer is an addition to the whole. The use of color and prints is the soul of her work.

Manifesto Sometimes I doubt myself a lot Sometimes It feels like I’m going insane, maybe I am I Sometimes doubt my art, my meaning in life, my looks, my personality and my surroundings I can’t even tell you if I have a strong confidence, so do I? I want to live I want to have confidence I want to make art I want to dance I want to kiss I want to scream, so it’s never silent I don’t know why everyone hides their anxiety We believe that we feel so out of place and lonely So why do we doubt the art that reflects our souls? Look at the person next to you, we all do


Lauren Thoonen


The collection ‘Buitenspelen’ translates to playing outside. The work is about all the things that made Lauren Thoonen happy as a kid. For them that was, as you can guess, playing outside. Fascinated with nature, insects, frogs, toads, salamanders and birds. The amount of joy and energy they felt trying to catch frogs and seeing what insects they could find in their garden; it made them wonder why they never really played outside anymore? It was once something normal to explore and enjoy the small things. Why is it such a foreign concept for (some) adults? They tried to find the child back in themselves and to integrate it into who they are now.

Lauren Thoonen is an enthusiastic 19-year-old who is in love with color. They grew up in Nijmegen in the Netherlands and currently still lives there. They studied fashion tailoring and is hoping to study fashion design soon. They are fascinated by making art or accessories with things they find - lost items, old toys, self-made thrift shop finds. They like the idea that they can give objects a new life, no object has to be useless.

Lauren is the winner of Kunstbende 2022 in the category Fashion.


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