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First edition of FASHIONCLASH Tilburg

photo Mitch van Schijndel, designer Ruben Jurriën

FASHIONCLASH Tilburg is the first edition of a 1-day fashion event in Tilburg. The program will contain a selection of performances developed within the framework of The Clash House, an exhibition, pop-up sales, a selection of fashion films, a fashion talk, workshops and theatre play Who cares what you wear? about fashion and sustainability. 

Especially for FASHIONCLASH Tilburg, 20 designers have been selected through an open call, the exhibition and pop-up sales program. This program puts attention to designers who have a link with the city of Tilburg, such as André Konings, Esra Westerburgen, Sophie Fabre Design, &AMPERSAND, Anne Exoo and Aïsha Fashion Design.
FASHIONCLASH Tilburg is free for everyone. For a number of parts it is advisable to register online due to limited capacity.
More information about the program and participants:  


The CLASH House is a showcase and development program for designers who focus on crossovers between fashion and other art disciplines – especially performing arts. These designers explore alternative ways of making and presenting fashion. The aim of the program is to encourage designers to experiment with presentation formats and thus contribute to the innovation of the field and create a unique experience for the audience. At the Tilburg edition of The CLASH House you can enjoy the performances to-be-to-exist by Esra Copur and 'Super Femboyant' by Ruben Jurriën.
There will also be a surprise performance by Fynnandmathis.

Esra Westerburgen_photo Shanna Huijbregts

Who cares what you wear? is an interactive & educational theater performance for young people (10+) with the aim to create awareness regarding issues in the field of fashion and sustainability. During the performance, influencers Rose & Rosie will interactively look for what young people already know about fashion and sustainability and what they think about it. They do this by vlogging about current themes in the field fashion, climate change, consumption and sustainability. 'Who cares what you wear?' is a production by FASHIONCLASH in collaboration with theater maker Mayke Roels and in co-creation with young people and a changing cast of actresses.

Exhibition & Pop-up Sales

Especially for FASHIONCLASH Tilburg, 20 designers and artists are selected to participate in the exhibition and pop-up sales program through an open call.
At the Pop-up sales you can discover and buy various work from different designers and labels: Anne Exoo, André Konings, &AMPERSAND, C.Pouki, De/Wi, IZZI Label, Lili Jullian, MUSA intimates, POViS, usnea.
The multimedia exhibition consists of clothing, textiles, video and photography of the following participants: Anne Jansen, Aïsha Fashion Design, DFC Upcycling, Esra Westerburgen, Lara Warson, Kutsal Taylanci, Paulo Assunção, prActiZe, Sophie Fabre Design, Studio Rik Versteeg, Esra Copur, Ruben Jurriën.

Kutsal Taylanci_photo_Mitchel van Kesteren

Fashion Talk: Social (Fashion) Design by means
During this talk, the speakers share their vision on fashion and experience with participation and cultural education projects for young adults and teenagers.
Moderator Haiko Huvenaars will talk to Helen Milne from New Order of Fashion LAB, Kiara Almeida Duarte from STORE Rotterdam and Hassiba Lhajoui and Safaa Bouzambou from Tilburg, who are committed to young people from Tilburg North via Noordvoer's platform.

Fashion Film Program
Fashion film (short fashion film) has become an established format in which designers and brands present their ethics and aesthetics. In this multimedia age, fashion film has become a growing way to capture a story and reach a wide audience through online platforms and media. The program consists of five films selected by a jury panel during FASHIONCLASH Festival, a selection of films by Dutch makers and films produced by FASHIONCLASH.

Skin Hungry, film still_ Marije Seijn, Annie van Noortwijk

Since 2021, FASHIONCLASH has been actively involved in Tilburg under the name Second Skin Tilburg. Second Skin Tilburg is a participation project of FASHIONCLASH in Tilburg Noord, created in the context of ForwArt that is financed by the EU, the UIA program. From the studio on Verdiplein in Tilburg Noord, FASHIONCLASH has organized various participation activities and projects for and in collaboration with young people and local residents. Various fashion and textile workshops, photo shoots and podcast recordings have taken place. The fashion film 'Off the top of my hat' was made in collaboration with designer Rens de Waal and filmmaker Luca Tichelman, entirely in collaboration with young people. And with designer Antoine Peters, The Hooooooodie Project was realized with an attempt to set a world record for the world's longest-sleeved hoodie.
All results of projects that FASHIONCLASH has realized in Tilburg Noord are available on the website


FASHIONCLASH Tilburg is an initiative of the Maastricht FASHIONCLASH Foundation. FASHIONCLASH is a development and presentation platform for fashion (culture) that, through crossovers, effectively contributes to, the individual talent development of the new generation of fashion makers and, to the general awareness of the role of fashion in the world.
The program is a curated selection of projects developed and presented during the 15th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival that took place from 17 - 19 November 2023 in Maastricht (The Netherlands). During this three-day festival, a new generation of designers and performing artists from all over the world are given the opportunity to show their work to a broad (inter)national audience. The program with an exhibition, performances, talks, workshops and fashion film screenings, showcases projects that explore, contextualize and celebrate contemporary fashion culture. During the festival the work of more than 100 designers, artists and makers from more than 30 different countries were presented. IG @fashionclash_festival

Lili Jullian

Lara Warson_photo_Toon Aerts

Paulo Assunção

Usnea_photo_Catalina Reyes

Studio Rik Versteeg

IZZI Label-photo-EDA BABÁK



POViS_photo_Elena Krukonytee

André Konings

DFC Upcycling

Sophie Fabre Design

Who cares what you wear? photo by Laura Knipsael

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