Thursday 9 May 2024

Fashion in Flux Showcase #1 - FEELING FASHION

Image: kumfo domfo (fka The Slum Studio).
Photography: Kevin Kwabia
Fashion in Flux Showcase #1 - FEELING FASHION

Sunday 2 June, 15:00 - 19:00
Location: The New Institute, Rotterdam

Does sustainable fashion exist? Ghanaian visual artist Sel Kofiga does not think so. He does believe in sustainable relationships between makers, wearers, materials and land. Kofiga: ’Producing sustainable relationships relies mostly on understanding the implications of what we wear – that's what I'm interested in.’ (Source: Courier Media).

From 2 to 7 June, Fashion in Flux invites Sel Kofiga to the Netherlands to connect and exchange with the Dutch fashion network. For this occasion, Fashion in Flux asked Branko Popovic, artistic director of FASHIONCLASH, to curate an afternoon inspired by Kofiga’s vision and work.

Along new textile work by Sel Kofiga, Popovic will showcase creations of three up and coming fashion makers who - like Kofiga - are interested in the relationships that lay hidden in the cloth of garments. To make their stories even more tangible, Popovic invites four performers, who gently invite us connect to the showcased garments, without seeing or touching them.

Join us for a one-of-a kind and intimate afternoon of music, performance, film and of course: fashion.

With works and words by:
Sel Kofiga (kumfo domfo f.k.a. The Slum Studio)
LESTER DAVID (fka. Ariah Lester)
Hélène Vrijdag
Jelena Bondt
Kimberley Agyarko
POViS (Povilas Gegevicius)
Tevin Blancheville
Luis Bracamontes (Unwanted Words)

Organized by: Fashion in Flux

Programme breakdown:

Doors open, walk-in in auditorium

Start program of performances, short films and talks

Drinks & bites in café
Opportunity to visit pop-up exhibition FEELING FASHION


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Jelena Bondt


Tevin Blancheville

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