Sunday, 26 September 2021

Het Geluid Maastricht: Limburgse Horizon

Globally, Limburg is one of the most innovative regions in the field of food production and agricultural developments. What lives and grows in Limburg's nature is constantly changing. What influence do these changes have on Limburg culture and identity? 

The social debate about the landscape, climate and the future of Limburg farmers is getting louder. Who are all part of that interface between the environment, identity and food production? In the musical, theatrical event Limburgse Horizon, these questions are explored in an artistic way. Het Geluid Maastricht is realizing this project with various contributions from, among others, food innovators, traditional farmers, agricultural secondary students and inventors of the tractor of the future.

In a scenography designed by Davy van Gerven, various qualities of Het Geluid Maastricht come together in a multi-layered experience that functions as an invitation to think about the future of the Limburg landscape; Limburg horizon.

Lumburg Horizon is on show during festival Musica Sacra Maastricht and before it was programmed at Limburg Festival and Cultura Nova in Heerlen.

Het Geluid Maastricht
For more than ten years, Het Geluid Maastricht has been making engaging interdisciplinary music theater for a wide audience from Limburg. Het Geluid Maastricht is characterized in its performances by bringing together the ancient power of opera and (music) theater with new techniques, phenomena and social developments. The makers of Het Geluid do not see themselves as directors of a theater performance, but as designers and leaders of processes between people. The strength of artistic leaders Gable Roelofsen and Romy Roelofsen is connecting unexpected groups of people to special projects (themes).

Saturday, 25 September 2021

MAISON AMSTERDAM City, fashion, freedom

Grand new fashion exhibition 'MAISON AMSTERDAM City, fashion, freedom' has opened in De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam, with Amsterdam fashion city as the center. 

The church at the Dam square has been temporarily transformed into a large fashion house with more than 150 creations, historical and contemporary,that tell stories of Amsterdam as a fashion city with its unique signature. MAISON AMSTERDAM City, fashion, freedom seeks out what is typically ‘Amsterdam’ about the fashion in this liberal and creative city, which is cherished as the city where anything is possible. This is the first large-scale fashion exhibition that has the city of Amsterdam at its core. With many iconic highlights and Queen Máxima’s wedding dress as the final scene.

The exhibition showcases many pieces, from historic masterpieces from the fashion collection of the Amsterdam Museum, as well as a wide variety of contemporary designs. On display are creations by well-known twentieth century couturiers such as Dick Holthaus, Edgar Vos, Frank Govers, Frans Molenaar and Max Heymans, and also designers of today, such as Bas Kosters, Iris van Herpen, Jan Taminiau, Viktor & Rolf. The new generation of talent is also featured with designers like Duran Lantink, Schepers Bosman, Amber Jae Slooten, Karim Adduchi, Dylan Westerweel, Ninamounah, Bonne Suits, Patta and Daily Paper. Furthermore, Amsterdam is profiled as Denim City: the hotspot of famous denim labels such as G-Star.

The exhibition takes you on the walk through the cultural history of Amsterdam, with dive into the nightlife of the roaring twenties and the heyday of the famous ’80s and ‘90s nightclubs RoXY and iT. You visit historic department stores, fashion shows and festivals, such as the Hartjesdagen and Keti Koti. What effect does freedom, but also unfreedom, have on fashion.
Impressive is one of the closing scenes in the exhibition with clothing from the Second World War and the commemoration of death in 2020 in the background. A jacket with David Star next to the dress from Japanese camps and liberation dresses brings the visitor back to reality to reflect that freedom is not self-evident. Not even in Amsterdam, with its mecca of freedom identity. That is why it is important that grand gestures, such as this exhibition, take center stage in prominent places in our cities.

The exhibition, curated by Ninke Bloemberg and Pieter Eckhardt offers a versatile and tangible image of Amsterdam's fashion history. 'Maison Amsterdam: The city, fashion, freedom' is collaboration between Amsterdam Museum and De Nieuwe Kerk. The exhibition runs until Sunday 3 April 2022.

Sunday, 19 September 2021

Re-imagining a happy place - Maja Simišić

'Re-imagining a happy place' is the graduartion project of Maja Simišić, who graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in the Netherlands in 2021. 

For her project interviewed people from former Yugoslavia who are living in the Netherlands about their interpretation of the home.

Result is a multidisciplinary project with video, interviews, performances, objects and clothing.

'As humans, we tend to have strong emotional connections with certain objects in our house that make us feel at home, for example, one’s spot at the dining table, a favorite pillow to sleep on or a preferred side of the bed. That said, could we make ‘home’ possible with those little things wherever we are? Do we become subservient to those things and get so emotionally attached, that it hurts when those things break or vanish? Even if we do get attached to them, they are there to help us get through something difficult in life. With them we create our ‘bubble’ where we feel safe, and it gives us comfort.
Besides the importance of material object, I am examining the value of rituals and sensory input as they highly contribute in the creation of a domestic space.
In my graduation project I had various qualitative interviews with people from former Yugoslavia diaspora in the Netherlands about their interpretation of the home, as they have often experienced separation from home, anxiety and assimilation in new spaces. From these interviews I created performances in public space that translate a transformative and personal experience of a situation (an interviewee’s story) into domestic space. Instead of merely using the interviewee’s stories as they are, I intertwined my own perception of their behavior, lifestyle and surroundings. I’ve included the onlooker’s perspective, utilized by slow looking/observation. As well as turning objects into a conceptualized new form but the same sensual meaning and emotional connection. All these questions are derived from my embodied knowledge and questioning myself about identity, belonging and struggle.' - Maja Simišić

More about the project:

"My main artistic methodology is „taking something I hate and turning it into something I like“; I call that technique „restroy“. 

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Save the date – 13th edition FASHIONCLASH Festival

13th edition of the international and interdisciplinary FASHIONCLASH Festival in Maastricht will take place from 26 - 28 November 2021 in Maastricht.  

During this three-day hybrid (on- & offline program) festival, a new generation of designers and performing artists from all over the world are given the opportunity to show their work to a broad (inter)national audience. The program with exhibitions, fashion and theatre performances, talks, workshops and film screenings, showcases projects that explore, contextualize and celebrate contemporary fashion culture.

FASHIONCLASH Festival is all about discovering, stimulating and co-shaping current developments in fashion and opening up these developments to a wide audience. The festival program focuses on developing and presenting performative experiences in which designers are challenged to actively experiment with presentation forms and inclusive audience participation. Participants of the festival belong to a generation of designers and artists who explore and question the boundaries of their discipline. With their works they move between the transdisciplinary domains of fashion, social design and visual arts. The program consists of a selection from the submitted proposals and from the projects initiated by FASHIONCLASH itself that are being developed in co-production with other organizations.

FASHIONCLASH Festival is accessible to everyone through ticket sales and free activities. The program consists of online and offline presentations. Tickets go on sale at the beginning of November. More information about the program, participants and ticket sales will soon be available on:

Campaign image in collaboration with filmmaker Luca Tichelman

Each edition, FASHIONCLASH collaborates with a different designer on artist for the festival's campaign. The campaign image for the 13th edition was developed in collaboration with filmmaker Luca Tichelman and was inspired by the hybrid festival program. It is a campaign that contains both static and moving images and uses mixed manual set and film techniques. She worked together with Leo van den Boorn, costume designer and head of the Opera Zuid costume department. 


Sunday, 12 September 2021

Schepperheyn 2021

Schepperheyn, the Berlin-based unisex brand, has since 2015 been designing high-quality, sustainable clothes with a focus on unique materials and a reinterpretation of classical silhouettes. 

Following last year’s initiative to give life to unused fabrics (the Deadstock Rebirth Collection) this new drop of tops and accessories takes past concepts from the brand’s 6 year history as the raw material and like an album of re-edits, gives them a fresh direction. 

Over the years the creative process at Schepperheyn has involved layering and manipulating different media, incorporating everything from food images, to old photographs of the creative director’s grandparents, to the pattern on her parents’ kitchen floor, to her own illustrations. 

This time around you’ll see some of those original playful concepts revamped and splashed colourfully across t-shirts, short-sleeved shirts, tank tops and scarves, using as always only premium fabrics. That means organic cotton and silk (GOTS certified), with organic inks spanning black & white, neon green, blush pink, Prussian blue, lilac and more. 

An organic twill, multi-pocket grocery bag is a completely new addition to the range, hopefully encouraging people to make a move away from single-use plastic, and designed thoughtfully to help separate more fragile items. 

For the second time now Verena Schepperheyn took the photos herself, this time working in collaboration with Nuria Gregori to produce a playful photography style in keeping with the clothes. 

You can expect more regular drops in the coming months but the next exciting event will be a party to celebrate 3 years at Schepperheyn Store (Wildenbruchstr. 4, Neukölln) on 25.09.2021 from 19:00-22:00. Come and enjoy tasty drinks, sweet sounds and friendly vibes in what will also be a farewell to the store...stay tuned for their next exciting move. 

You can shop the new collection and find more info at


FASHION & PHOTO: Verena Schepperheyn
STYLING & PHOTO: Nuria Gregori
MODELS: Ksenia/Mirrs Models Elvis Jankus/Success Agency
JEWELLERY: Christian Metzner/Oona Gallery Marc Monzó/Oona Gallery

Sunday, 5 September 2021

Lichting 2021 - Amsterdam Fashion Week

Marco Blazevic
True to tradition, the Lichting show took place during Amsterdam Fashion Week. The class of 2021, or the Lichting of 2021, was presented on Saturday 3 September in Capital C in Amsterdam. 

For several years now, more and more graduates are taking alternative approaches to fashion. Dutch study programs are giving students more and more freedom to experiment with design methods. This results in various projects, such as digital collections, installations and multimedia projects. This was clearly visible in the 2021 presentations. The first part of the presentation was a route along installations in which students briefly talked about their work. Although a bit messy in the setup (also due to Covid-19 restrictions) and difficult to follow, this is a very nice way of getting acquainted with various researches and results. The second part was a traditional fashion show with varied collections. Although it is always nice to admire the creations on the live models, it would have been nice to hear the designers' stories here as well. All in all, the whole event was an experience of positivity and optimism of the new generation of designers who, despite the challenges, know how to give hopeful proposals to the (fashion) world. 

Roxane Mbanga

Lichting 2021 has not one, but two winners this year: Roxane Mbanga (Rietveld) and Marco Blazevic (ArtEz). Both won a cash prize worth 5,000 euros and the promise of their own fashion show during Amsterdam Fashion Week 2022. This year the jury consisted of Borre Akkersdijk, Guillaume Schmidt, Amber Jae Slooten and Margreeth Olsthoorn. This year the jury consisted of Borre Akkersdijk, Guillaume Schmidt, Amber Jae Slooten and Margreeth Olsthoorn. 

Mbanga presented Noires, including the video work Naked Underneath, impressive multimedia installation that combines a book, videos, sound, garments, sculptures and tapestries. Blazevic showed the performance 'The Humble Hustle', in which models moved through the audience. The project is a monument for the people who are on the fringes of society and the 'hustle' to rise above their situation.


In addition to the winners, there was much more promising talent to admire. Such as the impressive DeFlower Me by Filip Bejek, who daringly delved into the darkest regions of his personal life. Rachel Klok and Stef Reijnierse presented collections with well executed constructions and cuts. Rosa Meulenbeld presented a fully digital collection entitled 'Jesus' Vagina' with which she explores the limits of the grotesque body. Isabela Verhagen presented handwoven jackets, each of them showing consequences of the climate change. The jackets are presented with a installation consiting of moving machines made of Meccano. Joep Meuwissen did not only showed well constructed garments, he also want to tell a story about the growth and the developement of an individual with multicausal problems that focus on the mental disorders.
And there were also projects by Chiara Frenzel, Sybrand Jansen, Welmoed Bosch, Katie Tubbing and Dijk Studio, of the duo Anwem Xu & Jiahao Li. See the photo report below.

Lichting is founded in 2007 and is an initiative of Amsterdam Fashion Week and HTNK International.

Friday, 3 September 2021

Schepers Bosman opened Amsterdam Fashion Week

Schepers Bosman duo had the honor to open Amsterdam Fashion Week. They showed their overview collection in collaboration with the artists of the Amsterdam label Bloomer Records. 

‘For a number of years we have been dressing the artists of Bloomer Records on the biggest stages, this time they are modeling for the Schepers Bosman show. Our collections are created through the interaction between these creative individuals and the way in which they propagate our work. We design in an experimental way in our workshop, like a band does in a rehearsal room.” 

 This overview collection celebrates all kinds of personal styles in a gradient of colour, shape and material. All Schepers Bosman signatures are discussed, such as: Dutch Denim, colourblocks, embroidered and hand-drawn prints, bias cut checks, metallic cupros and the experimental patchworks. 

The show was accompanied by live music by Sal Rubinstein on drums and Teun Putker on guitar (Queen's Pleasure). 

Shoes are in collaboration with Mephisto Netherlands, artwork shoes in collaboration with Jelmer van Os.  

Schepers Bosman x Bloomer Records playlist: Spotify



 Photography Peter Stigter

Saturday, 28 August 2021

De Nieuwe Zonderlingen 2021

13 young artists and designers from the Netherlands and Belgium invited a select group to travel to Tilburg to discover the 'De Nieuwe Zonderlingen'.

De Nieuwe Zonderlingen is a new - self initiated - event by a collective of young artists and designers from Netherlands and Belgium who joined forces to present their work in a joint multidisciplinary event. On Thursday, August 26, the event of De Nieuwe Zonderlingen took place at NS16 in Tilburg. 

After August 26, the exhibition will be presented in a smaller form in the Textile Museum in Tilburg. A selection of shown works, that included visual/installation art, soundscapes, scents, food and fashion, will be on exhibited in the TextielMuseum until 3 October 2021.

Presentation on 26 August had an uninhibited and welcoming atmosphere. The happening and the initiative is a positive and free expression of youth culture that should be cherished.

Participating artists and designers are: Jacob Lambrecht, Mark van Hoek, Dille Ach, Bas Steens (Locks), Akin James, Lana van Beijsterveldt, Rachel Klok, Arno Camps, Daniel Zeeland, McGyver, Brian Omen, Atilla Yüksel, Arno Camps, Martijn Natens,

Following are some images of the event.

Thursday, 8 July 2021

Jan van Eyck Academie Open Studios 2021

Ignace Cami
Every year, during Open Studios, the doors of the Jan van Eyck Academie are open for visitors and professionals. The participating artists, designers, architects, curators, and writers present their work in their studios, the public spaces, labs and gardens of the academy. The departments for Nature Research, Art & Society and Research & Education show their current projects.
Unlike the traditional moment for Open Studios in March each year, the 2021 Open Studios took place in June/July. 43 participants revealed their current projects. After months of closed art venues and without physical encounters with contemporary art, a visit to the Jan van Eyck was a real treat. This year it also literally started with a traction, with the invitation of Ignace Cami to have a cookie. This introduction is  suitable for the welcoming spirt of the JVE participants, who in their work are also concerned with the relationship between man and nature.
This was also clearly expressed in Trash Collective presention, a collective that emerged from discussions and experiments between Aàdesokan, Arvid & Marie, Boram Soh and David Habets. Together, they are displaying changing identities and movements of waste through landscapes in Lagos and Maastricht. During her residency, Aliki van der Kruijs spent a lot of time in the Enci Groeve and she translated this into research with natural materials. The research collective The Soft Protest Digest centers its research around food history, agriculture and the social and political ties to what constitutes a food culture, aiming to design environmentally resilient diets. Lisa Ertel and Jannis Zell visualize thoughts around matter and time as well as nature and culture. Together they materialize the veiled histories, modes of representation, and conditioning of everyday objects through artistic and design-based approximation. Together they collect nonhuman artifacts, or biofacts, to bring back to their studio. These objects and traces become part of a growing Wunderkammer that the designers plumb for associative shapes and images.

These are some examples of approaches to the 2020/2021 participants.

Aàdesokan, Aliki van der Kruijs, Arvid & Marie, Asha Karami, Aslı Hatipoğlu, Ben Schwartz, Boram Soh, Charlotte Lagro, David Habets, Elisa Caldana, Emilia Tapprest, Erika Roux, Erin Johnson, Eva Posas, Fazal Rizvi, Floor Martens, Frederik Willem Daem, Gamal Fouad, Gerda Blees, Giuditta Vendrame, Hamja Ahsan, Ignace Cami, Inge Schilperoord, Jakub Samek, Jente Posthuma, Johanna Bruckner, Kanthy Peng, Lisa Ertel and Jannis Zell, Lisa Plaut, Luisa Puterman, Lukas Rehm, Manjot Kaur, Marielle Chabal, Maxim Weirich, Mickey Yang, Niina Tervo, Nina Nowak, Offshore Studio, Pejvak, Rudy Guedj, Savaş Boyraz, Sophia Holst, The Soft Protest Digest

More information about the participants:

Sunday, 4 July 2021

The Beginning Show 2021 - Maastricht Institute of Arts

Joep Meuwissen
Maastricht Institute of Arts has undergone many transformations in recent years, from format to name. Unchanged is the ongoing cycle of upcoming talents, coming and going. A graduation project is a moment where acquired qualities and talent come together. But it's only a moment, with some coming out better than others. The great thing about graduation shows is the optimism, hopes and dreams of people who are actually just starting out. 

Matylda Krzykowski, alumna of the academy, was invited to curate the graduation exhibition, to provide a context, and in case of Maastricht academy perhaps a start of identity building.
She came up with the concept of 'The Beginning', a great start to hopefully a future of exploring the beginning. The work of the students shows a diversity of approaches and themes appropriate to this time. Maastricht academy produces solid projects, carefully presented. Not always distinctive in approach in relation to the broader discourse.

Matylda Krzykowski

This generation of designers and artists is involved in social issues, is vulnerable, personal and seeks the relationship with nature. In many works these aspects are expressed in material, object, body or autonomous ideas.
Dominika Kasova created a series of objects reflecting on the idea of how we preceive visual satisfaction and disatisfashion through the eyes of her own OCD experience. Leah Schulze created interactive communication tools, designed for dementia patients and their families.
Joep Meuwissen translated different phases of growingup development, from child to adult. He worked with special education children. Drawings of the children in which they express their emotions and dreams have been translated into print and incorporated into the collection. Based on his own experience, his project is a personal tribute to special children who do not fit into the standard of society. Collection has become a beautiful combination of personal engagement and fashion design. Merel van de Kerkhof presents an activist collection against the white male power, using second hand clothing and upcyling techniques. Evelien Klerkx explored curiousity through tufting technique and designed beautiful rugs. Liam Berners used lasercutting technique to create a series of rings in which he expressed his quest to connect with nature and holistic lifestyle.
Furthermore, there were projects on show exploring waste material research, intimacy, post humanism and consumerism. Max Dekker presented the boldest statement with installation 'Buying nothing will save the world'.

 In addition to the work of the class of 2021, works by a number of 2020 graduating students were also on display.

Take a look at some images from Design and Fine Arts department.

IG @Maastrichtinstituteofarts

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Art Thou: Polimoda Graduation Show 2021

Art Thou: Polimoda’s Final Graduation Show is back for Pitti 100 with a runway showcasing fashion, music and art in Piazza Santa Maria Novella 

William Morgan

Polimoda opened the 100th edition of Pitti Uomo with a bang, marking the beginning of live fashion shows with an event showcasing the collections of its top talents. For two days, an unforgettable Rob Mulholland installation will offer a secret garden to the city of Florence.

Florence’s Piazza Santa Maria Novella hosted a fashion show that effortlessly interweaves art, nature and architecture. Highlighting the sculptures of British artist Rob Mulholland, the catwalk wraped around a secret garden, immersed in a bed of blossoming flowers, plants and trees.

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Exposed 2021: Graduation Show KABK Fashion & Textile

Luka Dortmans
On Friday 18 June, the Textile & Fashion department of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague presented its new generation of designers during a preview for a select group of professionals from the creative sector. An impressive film set in the industrial and monumental Electricity Factory in The Hague formed the backdrop for interdisciplinary graduation collection presentation. 

The graduated designers each presented an up-close look at their collection and work process: Annli Basedahl, Sina Dyks, Luka Dortmans, Yulia Hmarnaia, Petra Huisman, Pien Klein Douwel, Jiahao Li, Marlien Peeters, Stef Reinierse, Anwen Xu and Max Willebrand Westin

Max Willebrand Westin - winner of the Keep an Eye Textile & Fashion Scholarship
The winner of the Keep an Eye Textile & Fashion Scholarship was also announced during this event. A jury, formed by designers Nienke Hoogvliet, Anne Bosman and Sanne Schepers, chose Max Willebrand Westin as the winner.
According to them, Max deserves the scholarship: "With attention, love and high-quality craftsmanship, Max transforms found materials into current textile design. His work is a promising example for the fashion and textile sector. He shows how essential values ​​can be applied. We are curious how his exceptional talent developed”.
With the help of the Keep an Eye Textile & Fashion Award, Max can invest in the further artistic and substantive development of his practice. The prize, worth €10,000, is awarded to support further educational development through specialization or further study at an international master's degree programme.

EXPOSED 2021 was captured in a cinematic registration without an audience. From 1 July the registration, together with extensive presentations of the graduated designers, can be viewed on the digital platform EXPOSED online.
EXPOSED online acts as a growing digital family tree of several generations of KABK. Reflecting on the zeitgeist, each batch of graduates adds new visions, stories, visuals and works. The students' graduation work can also be seen in the academy-wide KABK graduation show from 8 - 11 July in The Hague. For more information:






Monday, 28 June 2021

Rietveld Academie Fashion Show 2021

Bonnie Ogilvie

On Friday 25 June, the fashion department of the Amsterdam Gerrit Rietveld Academy presented the Class of 2021.
This generation of students is not shy about presenting a radical approach to fashion. Typical fashion collections are hard to find, but the much-needed new fashion narratives are fully expressed in performances and installations. Not always effective, but in all cases with curiosity and guts. 

This year, the department continued to develop with experimenting with alternative presentation forms. This year the show was staged in a multidisciplinary group presentation on location. In small groups, visitors were introduced to the various projects and designers in an intimate way. The audience became part of the whole through a series of performative elements and interactions. 

The Rietveld Academy Fashion Show 2021 presented the graduation projects of Bonnie Ogilvie, Chiara Frenzel, Emilia Christina Honnebier, Emma Lou Burkel, Karly Gerharts (Limo Hair), Malgorzata (Gosha) Woch, Riun Jo and Roxane Mbanga. Each of them with a personal approach to fashion as a form of expression that can be described as 'related to': to textile crafts and traditions, to the body, to identity, representation and visual culture, to memories and sentiment, and to well-being.

Niels Klavers, head of the fashion department: “For the second year in a row, our students have had to study and graduate in challenging circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. None of us have missed the impact of this. Nevertheless, clear signals of changing attitudes and ambitions, and advancing insights about our education, had long convinced us to take an experimental path, before the virus brought everything to an abrupt halt. Today we see the first results of these changes, which will hopefully lead to new ways of doing 'fashion', to enrich the position of 'fashion' in our culture.” 

Sabrina Durić - May Peace Prevail on Earth

Sabrina Durić graduated with 'May Peace Prevail on Earth' as part of HKU - Utrecht University of Arts.

Although born in The Netherlands in 1995, in the year the war ended in former Yugoslavia, Sabrina dedicated her project to innocent souls taken by the brutality of the war. With this personal project she presents a hopefull narrative using the beauty of narure to represent the lost souls. The collection is build on white shades representing life as well as death. Handicrafts techniques such as beading, knitting and crochet are used referencing symbols (Srebrenica Flower, Sarajevo Roses).

 "I myself have never known Bosnia other than a country that has beautiful nature and lovely people. As I grew older I came to understand more about what happened during the time of the war (1992-1995). It is unbelievable how pain can develop with time that passes by. It is something I will carry within me for the rest of my life.As this is the reason to why I decided to dedicate my final work of my 4 years of study at the HKU to all the innocent souls that we have unfortunately lost during these horrific times. I want to give something, or be able to do something for the people that are no longer here and their loved ones that have to live in pain every day in and for now this is my way to express myself by creating garments."

"As a menswear designer I am dedicating this collection not only to all the men that were executed but also to all the women that were hurt, beaten, raped and executed as well. Mothers who have lost their sons, husbands, brothers, fathers, friends. We have lost over a 100.000 beautiful souls and this will not be forgotten."

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Talents X Talents: blending talent with fashion and entertainment

Talents X Talents is born: a creative factory blending talent with fashion and entertainment

Polimoda and celebrity stylist Rebecca Baglini launch a project dedicated to the blending of fashion with other artistic disciplines. In the first episode, music is the protagonist: students collaborate with artists MYDRAMA and cmqmartina.

Polimoda and celebrity stylist Rebecca Baglini present Talents X Talents, a new project dedicated to merging explosive creativity with the talent of emerging young people in different artistic fields. The protagonists of the first installment—dedicated to music—are artists MYDRAMA and cmqmartina. For this project, a team of students from the fashion school curated a series of looks to create an iconic photography campaign for both artists.

Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Art Direction students worked with two musical artists who participated in the latest edition of X Factor. Different artistic fields came together with a common goal in mind: to create something innovative and fresh during this historical moment. The world needs to start dreaming again and witnessing artistic role models who are exquisite talents is a perfect start.

The outcome of the collaboration is a photography campaign that brings forward the unique style of the two artists while also giving students an out-of-the-ordinary real-life work experience.


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