Thursday, 10 November 2011

Encounter with Manon Boertien in Paris

Manon Boertien

Last weekend I was in Paris, for C-Kult exhibition where I presented my work. One of the participants was Manon Boertien who I have met in June, at FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2011.
Through her work Manon is sharing a personal story. She is creating her own world and sharing this with us with fashion collections, installations and video's.

Encounter with Manon Boertien

BP: Can you tell us something about you? Something you would like to share with us?
MB: I’m Manon Boertien and  I graduated in 2009 from the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) in fashion design. Directly after my graduation I started the adventure to discover the fashion and art world with my own work.

BP: What inspires you? 
MB:  I’m interested in the behaviour of people and to find the truth and happiness. If you’re really think about it; the truth is elusive. For ages people and cultures have been trying to explain the truth by religions, rituals or rules based on believe, fear and spiritual experience. Nowadays we are more individuals, and everyone is looking for the truth in his/her own way. In my work I’m trying to find my own truth and happiness, which are strongly bonded. I’m trying to search in different paths of “believes”.

BP: What kind of designer are you? 
MB:  My work comes from research between art fashion, philosophy and rituals. I do not concentrate on customer’s or a market. With my designs Im creating my own world. Is is an experience with my own feelings and thoughts about the truth and the happiness that I want to share with the audience.

BP: Your favourite artist/ designer? 
MB:  René Magritte, Shana Moulton, movie director Alejandro Jodorowsky. musical groups : Inca ore and U.S. Girls.  All these artists create new virtual worlds, philosophical, sometimes-psychedelic worlds. But often with a sense of humour in it. These artists inspire me to create my own philosophy about my fascinations.

BP:What are your plans/dreams for the future?
MB: Participation in many exhibitions where I can experiment and show my emotions and thoughts about truth and share this with other people.  I hope to do many projects in collaboration with other artists in different disciplines. By doing so, I would like to explore my inspiration and concept from multiple perspectives.

Manon Boertien's collection at FASHIONCLASH MAASTRICHT 2011

picture by Peter Stigter

Picture by Peter Stigter

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