Monday 6 August 2012

VOID by Yvonne Laufer

While I was going through my blog archive I came across Yvonne Laufer. She graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht in 2010. The graduation show was part of the FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2010 program.
I remember her collection, that was also one of my favorites.
Right after the graduation she continued her education in Denmark where she went for a master degree in fashion design. She attended Danmarks Designskole (DKDS) Copenhagen, Fashion Design Master of Fine Arts.
I am really thrilled with the discovery of her new work and to see how she has blossomed. This is one of the prettiest collections I have seen in a while.

VOID is a collection that embraces the presence of negative space. It explores the boundaries between form and non-form as well as materiality and nothingness. A universe of imaginary spaces.

 “If there were no space (which we call also void and place and intangible nature), bodies would have nothing in which to be and through which to move, as they are plainly seen to move.” 

Epicurus of Samos, Letter to Herodotus , third century BC

She developed various laser cut techniques based on the concept of negative space. Some cut outs leave space for a second layer or another fabric, others form some kind of modern lace.

Photography: Julio Clavijo
Hair and Make up: Nicolas Grivaz
Model: Christina @ Scoop

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