Sunday 28 October 2012

Brussels Fashion Days 2012

Brussels Fashion Days Exhibition
Brussels Fashion Days 2012

The atmosphere was buzzing with expectations, fashion lovers and professionals took place in the tribunes and as the lights went out, a unanimous feeling of excitement filled the room. The spots slowly went on again and shone a light on a contemporary silhouette. Indie beats accompanying a model strutting down the runway. The biggest Belgian fashion event had just kicked off.

The first Brussels Fashion Days in the history of Belgium took place in a 10 000m² space, as dedicated to fashion as it’s visitors. For three consecutive days the organization transformed the site into an enormous design Walhalla with more then 50 designers, various photo exhibitions (by Luc Praet & Serge Leblon), a big pop-up clothing expo & 4 catwalk shows. Belgian talent, easy to be discovered by an international audience of connaisseurs. For every visitor, there was something to love.

left: OMSK  / right: Sandrina Fasoli

Arto Mangelschots wearing Romain Brau

The shows itself were kind of vanilla. Serving up the codes of established fashion houses. Simple & wearable were the key words. Commercial pieces that were exquisitely made but lacked in innovation. The real lookers weren’t on the catwalk, they were watching it. Personal favorites were Romain Brau (fashion rebel avant la lettre and owner of RA Antwerp & Paris, two avant-garde clothingstores) and Jean Paul Knott (who stunned with designs reminiscent of comme des garcons).

The exhibition made up for everything the shows lacked, showcasing up-and-coming Belgian talent. (the works of Arma Cutis, Céline Lellouche and Marjorie Vermeulen definitely struck a cord with me) There were only names to remember and none to forget. With an accessory & clothing expo and various photo expositions, they presented a real panorama of Belgian design. A fashion forward scene, eager to take risks, armored with creativity. Brussels is booming. And knows how to throw a killer afterparty.

Text & editing: Jordi Nicolas Arias
Pictures by Fatih M. Kaynak



Elvis Pompilio

Arma Cutis

Céline Lellouche

left: Louise Leconte / reight: Monsieur Bul

Louise Leconte

Marjorie Vermeulen

Stephanie Anspach

House of Drama performance

House of Drama performance

street syles

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