Tuesday 9 October 2012

Parkin'son by Giulio D'Anna

Parkin'son by Giulio D'Anna is awarded with Dioraphte Dansprijs during the 15th edition of the Dutch Dance Festival 2012. It's an award for a dance performance with most international ambition. I have no idea who was in the running for the award but this for sure the performance that impressed me the most.

"The jury is very much impressed with the way he expresses a very rich, but also complex theme in a very pure, powerful and clear form. Giulio D’Anna presents a very personal theme in a universal way. Therefore he is able to communicate and inspire many different people. Parkin’son is touching, inspiring and honest." 

Stefano is 63, a therapist and has Parkinson’s Disease. Giulio is 32, a choreograph, and Stefano’s son. One body ‘embodies’ the future; the other, the past. Parkin’son brings the relationship between father and son to the stage. Personal incidents and shared histories, far-reaching or trivial, seep through their skin. Together they tell the story of the unique bond between parent and child. Their bodies speak of matters never discussed, their mouths share memories of happiness and sadness. A production about growing old and staying young, about cars and a bit about Jimmy Fontana.

Concept & direction: Giulio D´Anna
Performance: Giulio D´Anna, Stefano D´Anna

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