Tuesday 29 January 2013

DELIKATESSEN AW13 Caponata Collection

DELIKATESSEN AW13 Caponata Collection 

With the AW13/14 collection, Delikatessen designer - Andrzej Lisowski and his partner Stephen Hartog took a lot of time to look deep into what they believe is a true value for men: exquisite fabrics, perfectly cut garments and precious buttons. They have done profound research to collect those treasures from around the world. From Italy, they have brought silky cottons (Giza, Mako), brushed oxfords, and precious boiled wools. They are introducing the softest known Indian Suvim Cotton quality in a new line of t-shirts. Their bomber jackets are lined with Japanese chambres. They use the most precious mother of pearl buttons, Trocas, known for its unique shine and shade of whiteness.
While designing AW13/14, they thought a lot about the great Sicilian meal Caponata, which combines sweet and sour tastes and the result is stunning and unexpected. Andrzej Lisowski - a passionate cook, believes that clothing is similar to good food, it is all about good ingredients and how creative you can be putting them together. Caponata was a great paralel to describe the idea behind the collection. The recipe how to make Caponta comes with the collection. Bon Appetit.
Delikatessen is an Amsterdam-based menswear line that prides itself in using the most refined fabrics that offer supreme comfort and touchability. Founded in 2009 by Andre Lisowski and Stephen Hartog, Delikatessen focuses on well-tailored but effortless garments that combine old craft with a modern approach to design.

Photography: Yosuke Demukai
Styling: Magdalena Nawrocka
Model: David Roquentin

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